What Trevor Kucheran’s Inspirational Video Means to Me

What Trevor Kucheran’s Inspirational Video Means to Me


At this past weekends Super Saturday, I had the honor of being by my fiances side to see the launch of his feature video that was filmed by Beachbody in Cancun this spring.  It is a raw glimpse into his unruly battle with alcoholism, from the darkest moments, right up to the light at the end of the tunnel.


I have to admit, it was hard for me to hold it together.  Even though his story is openly shared, and widely known by many, it never does get any easier for me to hear.  Losing my own brother to a heroin addiction, I have witnessed first hand just how all consuming this dark beast can really be


Trevor has not only shown his enormous strength by slaying this persistent demon, but continues to show his unwavering solidarity by allowing people to hear the TRUTH so they may gain motivation from his past.  One might think that continuing to reopen old wounds would exasperate the suffering, but Trevor uses his story as a daily reminder of his undeniable capability to overcome adversity.


But this is what Trevor Kucheran’s inspirational video means to me:


When I see how brave Trevor is to share the intimate (and at times, hard to stomach) details of his journey, it literally GIVES me more confidence to share more of my own story.  I have spent the last 15 years desperately covering up my past, in fear that no one would accept me if they saw any piece of it, when in reality the opposite is true.  Even the walls of my introverted habits come crumbling down when I draw strength from what I have seen him do.  Everyone has a WHY, a muse, something that inspires them to BE more, to STRETCH more, to jump out of their comfortable nest.  Trevor is that to me. 


I am going through my own inner battle between unearthing the past and keeping it buried.  My hopes are that someday very soon I will have the same amount of bravery to reveal my pain, release it, and in turn help someone else in need.

We are both lucky people, to not only have each other, but an entire family of others who support us.  I mean our families (as in kin) as well as the family that we have found within our Beachbody team.  It might sound like a whole load of bullshit to an outsider looking in, but I absolutely mean every word of it.  Our team has an undeniable bond and we would never watch another fall down. 



If you have not already seen it, watch Trevor Kucheran’s inspirational video right here:




It was a little surreal for Trevor to know that his video was broadcast to over 300,000+ Beachbody coaches last Saturday, but he is ultimately proud to be able to reach more people with a story that will inspire change.


Beachbody Super Saturday in Kelowna Canada

In conjunction to his video launch, we also had our highest attendance to date at our quarterly Super Saturday event in Kelowna, BC!  What a blast to see so many of our team in person, with even some traveling from Alberta to be there!  Our next Beachbody Super Saturday event will be in Kelowna BC, mid October 2015, and we are expecting to double the seats yet again!   No matter if you are a Coach in the area that wants to attend, or just a reader of this blog that would love to come, keep in touch with me HERE for more details!


Always Grateful, Always Growing, -Kashlee


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