Weight Loss is MORE than Exercise and Clean Eating!

Weight Loss is MORE than Exercise and Clean Eating!

I can’t say it enough: 

Weight Loss is MORE than exercise and clean eating!

So hear me out:  Have you ever tried to do up last seasons pants and they won’t button up? Yeah, I think we have ALL been there.  The next thing we usually do is press the panic button, throw away all the treats in the house and crush some extra workouts.  Once the pants fit, we sigh in relief and then resume life as normal. … until… OOPS... the weight came back again.  (Okay!  We know the drill, let’s get started!)


But what just happened there?  Have you ever taken a deeper look into this very phenomenon?  The weight loss was not the problem.  It was the symptom.  The SYMPTOM of another problem that was going on in your life.


When we treat weight gain like it is the only issue, we miss the core reason WHY we experienced the weight gain.


Still following me? I will use my own past to illustrate this.  I was getting bullied and teased a lot at school and I started to use food as a security blanket.  Working out and cutting calories was NOT all that I needed at the time.  I needed to build my confidence back up, understand my self worth and combine that with healthier habits.  If I had JUST worked on cals in/cals out, I would have returned to my food crutch and the cycle would keep repeating itself.


I have seen it time and time again.  Someone will stock up on shakes, vitamins, pre-workout, and a whole library of fitness videos.  They will give it ALL they’ve got for a few weeks, but then life pulls them back into bad habits.  They then declare with frustration “THIS DOESN’T WORK”.  I hate to be the brutally honest voice of reason here, but most legitimate weight loss systems DO work, it was the person thinking the weight gain WAS the only issue, and not looking deeper. 


Homemade donuts Kashlee

It’s more than putting down the donuts!


As a Beachbody Coach and occasional blogger for Birthorderplus.com, I have thousands of clients I support with their weight loss, fitness and health goals.  Truth be told, the supplements and workouts ACTUALLY work and the results are nothing short of AMAZING, but that isn’t the only reason.  I fully believe that with clean eating and exercise alone, you have the perfect recipe for being a ‘repeat offender’.


This might go against the grain in my industry, but I am sick and tired of treating weight gain as the disease and not the symptom.  I refuse to set someone up with some workouts and a shake and say “There you go!”  I know there is SO much more to it than that.


Overall health is about MENTAL health, exterior health and interior health.

Our bodies, minds and souls yearn to be in balance with each other, and when that happens, is when we truly feel beautiful.  Confidence, attitude, environment, motivation, self esteem and support ALL have just as much to do with weight loss as sit-ups or pushups.


Trevor and I have seen the difference in our clients lives when we go back to the basics of what makes us HAPPY and work up from there.  We want to continue that positive movement from now on in our Coaching career with the addition of ‘Upgrade Your Life’.


Upgrade Life Trevor Kucheran Kashlee Parmiter


‘Upgrade Your Life’ is our way of doing what truly makes us happy- helping others shift their mindset to see their own inner greatness. It’s our way of giving back, honouring our core values, and helping others who TRULY want a better life.

We have broken down our most key elements of what we believe creates a wonderful, thriving existence. The things that literally took us from being broke, over-weight, miserable addicts; into successful, healthy, happy thriving people.

We start our movement with the TRUTH, followed up with:
– Erasing the LIES
– You are Unique
– Body Renovation
– Inner Circle


See, Weight Loss is MORE than Exercise and Clean Eating!  It’s an entire body and mind movement that we cannot wait to pass on to each and every one of our clients.  Oh yeah… and the best part…  It’s totally FREE 😉   You’re welcome!


Want to know more about ‘Upgrade Your Life’?   Head on over to: http://bit.ly/YourLifeUpgrade







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