Try CIZE at Kelowna’s Super Saturday

Try CIZE at Kelowna’s Super Saturday

Try CIZE at Kelowna’s Super Saturday! It’s a DO NOT MISS event that is sure to be a crowd pleaser!  Grab your ticket and mark your calenders for July 25th!



I cannot contain my excitement for the upcoming ‘Nashville’ themed Super Saturday, happening in Kelowna, July 25th.  Regardless if you are a Beachbody Coach, someone who just loves health/fitness, or looking to try something new and fun, you need to be there!  Our motto for the event: EVERY ONE MATTERS, meaning Everyone, and Every One, matters in our quest to be the healthiest versions of ourselves possible!

So why Nashville?  Well, Beachbody, the company and Trevor and I work for, is hosting it’s annual SUMMIT in Nashville, just a week prior to this event.  Even though 25,000+ Coaches will all be invading the city for the week, we thought we could bring a little Nashville home to everyone 😉


What is on the docket for our Kelowna Super Saturday Event?

  • TREVOR’S FEATURE: First and foremost, the love of my life, Trevor Kucheran, will be having his corporate feature story airing at the event for over 300,000+ Coaches and guests to see!  He filmed it when we were in Cancun for the Success Club trip and we are dying to see it!  He talks about his past as a homeless alcoholic, the lowest of the lows, and how becoming a Coach has literally transformed his life.  I am SO proud of him for not only being ASKED to be featured by Beachbody, but also for stepping out of his comfort zone to do so!  I will big ONE big BAWLING mess of a woman, so please bring some extra tissues for me!


  • CIZE WORKOUT:  Cize is definitely ALL the rage in the fitness world and is officially launching in Canada mid July.  We will have our hands on a copy and will be doing a LIVE Cize workout with all the guests that want to sweat it out with Shaun T!  Of course this is optional, but a LOT of fun!


  • SHAKEOLOGY BAR:  We couldn’t have a workout without getting top nutrition in our bodies first!  The Shakeology bar will be a perfect way to sample all the different flavours, especially for any guests who have never tried it!


  • MEET and GREET:  You get to have a Meet and Greet with some of Canada’s top Coaches, along with photo and even a FREE GIFT for everyone that attends!


  • COACH RECOGNITION: Of course, the Coaches that ARE in attendance are going to get some love too!  We will do some amazing recognitions for all of the rank advancements and achievements of our local team!


  • TRANSFORMATIONS:  To help celebrate the end of obesity, we will have a special moment to check out the latest body and health transformations of our clients, Coaches and guests!


  • SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS:  We will deliver the SCOOP on all the hottest news in the fitness world, product launches, the highlights of Summit 2015 and ALL the latest news you want to hear!


  • HEAR FROM TOP COACHES:  Get to hear business building tips as well as stories of success from top Coaches.  Ask questions to help excel your business or even to see if Coaching is right for you.


  • All in all, there will be sweat, tears, selfies, and a lot of laughs!

Beachbody Kelowna Super Saturday Cize

If you are a Coach, tickets are only $10 and if you are a GUEST, then they are completely FREE!  However, we do expect the venue to sell out completely, so time is of the essence, grab them RIGHT NOW at this link:

If you are not a Coach and you want to come, SEND ME A MESSAGE so I can grab you a FREE ticket and meet you at the event!  EVERYONE MATTER’S is the motto of our event, so don’t be shy!


Our ‘Nashville’ themed Super Saturday will be hosted at the Sandman Kelowna at 2130 Harvey Ave, July 25th, from 11:00am-2:00pm.

Don’t forget to wear your COUNTRY attire, but please remember, you will be dancing with CIZE, so bring some comfy shoes 😉


UPDATE July 20th 2015 : CIZE is now available to BUY! 

Click HERE to buy it in CANADA

Click HERE to buy it in the USA



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  1. Super Saturday in Kelowna in going to be amazing! I can’t wait to try out the new program Cize by Shaun T!

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