Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs

Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs

We have all had those days….

You say to yourself: “where the HECK did this day go? I didn’t get anything done!!”

Chances are, that was also a day that you didn’t plan out. A day you didn’t ‘manage’ your time effectively.  If you are self employed, or an entrepreneur, time management becomes even more crucial to your success.

Since Trevor and I returned to Kelowna from our 2 month ‘work-cation’ in Mexico, I have been trying to get back into my groove in the home office.  I’ve been working on TELLING my day where to go, so it doesn’t tell me where to go.  Being a Beachbody Coach and working from home (or on the road), it is essential for me to manage the hours in my day so that I am not wasting then away on random activities!



Time Management Tips For Entrepreneurs

Here are my Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs to have a KICK ASS DAY!


  • Plan it out the night before.

I make a list of personal and work things I need to accomplish the next day, but I try and keep my focus ONLY on what I know it possible. Nothing is more frustrating than a to-do list that never gets done.


  • Eat the frogs early!

Get the MOST important, crucial, income producing or even unwanted tasks done ASAP. It will free up mental space and energy to get more done, instead of dreading them all day.


  • Focus

When you are doing something important, close FB, turn your ringer off and give yourself a time limit. Focused attention on a task will make you finish it faster, but more importantly, with better quality.


  • Mix it up!

Throughout the day I will blend in personal tasks and work tasks so I feel like I am not stuck in one place! It adds some variety to the day and keeps me from hitting a slump


  • Ask yourself “is this task directly helping me achieve my goals today?”

If the answer is no, delegate it to someone else or drop it. We tend to focus attention on things that are comfortable, and not necessarily helpful.


  • Stay away from the dreaded ‘Facebook News Feed’ 

This one is Trevor’s favourite!  And I quote, “That is where gossip and non productive work comes from. I go from group to group using the new ‘Groups app’ making sure nothing important is missed.”  Good words of wisdom from a guy who has one of the busiest Facebook accounts I have ever seen.  I am guilty of sometimes getting totally lost in the depths of the feed…BUT NO MORE!


*What do YOU do to control your time management and your day?*





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