Thoughts Become Things

Thoughts Become Things

Lindy and I are right in the middle of week 2 in our ‘Work-cation’ in Mexico.

I woke up early this morning so I could watch the sunrise over Banderas Bay and it reminded me of something that is truly important.

Thoughts become things.

Every projection, every image, every ‘movie’ you have playing in your mind over and over- will eventually manifest itself right before your very eyes.

In January, I was back in Kelowna, BC thinking about this very moment. Waking up before anyone else in paradise, no computer, no coffee, just myself and a sunrise. Funny how we all have the ability within us to LITERALLY design the life that we want.

This is something I will never, ever, take for granted.

A good question to ask yourself today is: “What tapes am I playing over and over in my own mind?”

Are your thoughts uplifting? Damaging self-talk? Mapping out the actions to take towards your goals?  Telling you that you ‘cant’?  Be mindful of the stories you are telling yourself day in and day out, as these stories will eventually become your reality.

Just like the muscles in our bodies will improve with regular exercise, so will our minds.  If you know you have to dedicate 30 minutes a day to hit your weight loss goals, what amount of time should you set aside to train your mind so you can hit your life goals?  I have been implementing 20-40 minutes of personal development a day and I can’t tell you how beneficial it has been to me!

I started a new habit this year, which is to rise and start my day off with feeling grateful.  I have been writing out my daily gratitudes and positive affirmations into my journal before I get into the thick of day and it sets the stage for a positive mindset.


This picture below is taken from my terrace in Punta Esmeralda, La Cruz, Nayarit 🙂

Thoughts Become Things Picture Quote




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