How To Stay Fit On Vacation

How To Stay Fit On Vacation
Out for dinner in Sayulita

Out for dinner in Sayulita


How To Stay Fit On Vacation


Its been almost a month since my last post, and while I SHOULD be have writing blogs on vacation, I didn’t!  We all need to unplug once in a while.  However, what I WAS able to do during this holiday, was lose weight and stay toned!  (Which is a first!)  If you want to learn how to stay fit while on vacation, then read on!


Usually it’s the same old routine and battle when I go away, especially if it’s to a different country.  I spend the month prior obsessing about getting into ‘bikini shape’ by dieting, working out every day, and trying on my bathing suits a million times in the mirror.  Only problem is, after about 48 hours at the resort or vacation rental, I have pretty much ruined all of my progress!  That gives me a day or two to flaunt my hard work, and then the rest of time I’m a bloated mess.


 This year I did something a little differently!



30 days prior to my family vacation I started a Challenge Group for Piyo, which entails daily check ins to prove I did the workout, 1 meal replacement with Shakeology a day, and the motivation I need.  Piyo is low impact and really focuses on strengthening your core and building lean muscle mass.  You know what that muscle mass allows me to do?  Well, essentially it makes me burn more calories while I am resting by boosting my metabolism.  So those long flights and layovers, I am burning more cals by sitting on my butt then I would have if I had not developed those muscles with Piyo.  Score!


When I finally got to Mexico in mid December, the burritos and pina coladas were beckoning!  How can a girl say no?  If there is one thing I am NOT good at doing, it is dieting on vacation.  Who wants to order a salad and water when you are poolside?  Give me the double layered nachos and 3 Coronas please!  The secret for helping to level off my binging this year was my Shakeology.  I brought down enough Chocolate Vegan packets so I could have one a day.  Early morning, I had my Shake-o instead of a greasy breakfast (that I can just get here in Canada anyway) and voila, at least one meal a day I was eating optimally.  It certainly helped with the hangovers 🙂



When I say I ate, I mean I ATE!

Wine in the Calgary Airport Lounge IMG_3410 Zen Garden Sayulita Wine and Pizza at Rustica IMG_3590 Rustica Pizza IMG_3627 IMG_3643 IMG_3712 IMG_3662




The last thing I did differently this year, was bringing my Piyo discs down to Mexico.  Every morning, or sometimes in the afternoon, I would blast through a workout!  They are only 20-40 minutes, so it did not cut into my coveted beach time, and it got me toned up for rocking my brazillian cut bikini.  I mostly just rotated through my 3 favourite workouts: Core, Buns & Strength Intervals.  Even when everyone was starting to pour the margaritas, I would just excuse myself for half an hour and kick my butt in-front of my laptop.



Piyo in my hotel room Piyo Vacation Poolside Piyo



I was in Puerto Vallarta for a few days solo and then met up with my family in our fav spot, Sayulita.  We rented a house on the other side of the town, which mean’t LOTS of walking that helped tremendously.  Instead of just sitting on a beach towel all day, I got up and walked through the sand.  You get lots of sun, meet new people and burn crazy cals that way!



I was able to maintain my ‘pre-vacation slim down’ efforts for my entire 2 week Mexican holiday!  It is all about making small compromises, like using Shake-o for one meal a day and popping in a Piyo disc for a fraction of the afternoon.




Piyo Toning and Definition

Almost 3 weeks later, still have some Piyo definition

Piyo results  My Piyo Beachbody Results



Doing that allowed me to eat pizza, pasta, tacos, beer, wine and cocktails EVERY SINGLE DAY without gaining an ounce or without losing my muscle mass.  Usually I come back regretting all of the indulgences I had over my vacation, but NOT this year!


My business partner Lindy and I are actually thinking of going back to Sayulita in Feb/March to work and we will be applying the same routine I used in December.  It won’t be a ‘vacation’ so there should not be as many ‘cheat days’ and tipsy lounging in hammocks, but we are determined to stay healthy, fit and happy the entire time!  I am so grateful that I have finally found a complete program that shows me how to stay fit on vacation and even back in the normal world! 



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