Piyo – Getting Fit With Pilates & Yoga

Piyo – Getting Fit With Pilates & Yoga


Most girls love Pilates or Yoga and going with friends to a studio can be something to look forward to.  Only, have you ever noticed how busy you get and your workout dates are usually the first thing you drop.

I am like that.  Sometimes getting ready to leave the house, driving through traffic and paying hefty fees are enough to keep me from going!



So, what to do?



Well, I decided to start getting fit with Pilates & Yoga at home, with PiYO!



Right now I am on Day 5 of a 60 Day Challenge I am holding for myself and so far so good!  Every day is a different workout DVD that I do on the floor with my laptop and my yoga mat!  I have to admit I am a little rusty (and shakey!!) but it is coming back to me!


Now there are NO excuses for not getting into better shape!  The different workout programs range from 25 to 50 mins and NO travel time needed!

Getting Fit With Pilates & Yoga


Want to know a little more about Piyo?  Here are the workouts that are included in the program!


1. Align: The Funamentals

This shows you proper form for most of the moves in the entire series


2. Define: Lower Body

Talk about Warrior Pose!  You hold, stretch and strengthen all of your lower muscles including calves, glutes, hamstrings, etc.


3. Define: Upper Body

This workout shapes your arms, biceps, triceps and shoulders


4. Sweat

Fast paced yoga poses for the cardio burn you need to felt that fat!


5. Core

All about the tummy!  With this one your working your abs, obliques and back


6. Buns

Lift, redefine and scuplt that booty


7. Strength Intervals

Fast paced calorie burn


8. Drench

45 minutes of kickstarting your metabolism and burning fat away


9. Sculpt

Uses varying tempos to keep muscles under tension for endurance

The best part of doing the Piyo from home is the accountability and support group that you get access to!  Right now I am in a Facebook Challenge group of almost 200 people that started the PiYo challenge at the same time as me!  We post before pics, recipes, motivation and support.

There are new PiYo Challenge Groups starting ALL the time, with the next one in September 22nd 2014 🙂  Contact me for dates after that!


Want to start your own PiYo Challenge and get plugged into our group for support?  Sure you do!

If you are in Canada, CLICK HERE!

If you are in the US, CLICK HERE!


Piyo - Pilates & Yoga



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