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That’s RIGHT! Team Beachbody is launching Shakeology, Performance, Challenge Packs, All Fitness Programs, and COACHING into the UK this FALL 2017!

We are so excited to not only spend time in the UK meeting all of you, but also to be able to spread this incredible opportunity of health, light and love into such an amazing country! We have already had lots of inquires on details like how to become a Coach in the UK, how to buy Shakeology in the UK and more.  Our latest BLOG gives all those details and we are also connecting with you about any questions you have.

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Hi! 🙂 Our passion is helping people UPGRADE their lives.

 ‘Upgrading’ will be different to each visitor of this site, but at the end of the day it is about having a happier and healthier life.

For some, that means upgrading their health for more energy, learning how to eat better, successful meal planning with a busy schedule or even a weight loss goal. Other people want to learn about upgrading their finances  for less debt, less worries about makings ends meet, longer vacations with a first class flight, a larger savings account or just more time to spend with their families.

Helping people realize their TRUE potential is what drives us, showing people how to upgrade their life is what defines us.  

We lead by example, both in health and lifestyle.  We love fitness, nutrition and most of all, working for ourselves.  You will likely find us poolside with our laptops or on a flight to a far away land!  Our home base is in gorgeous Kelowna, BC – but you can usually find us on a flight somewhere or hanging out in Mexico!  


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We’re always keeping you up to date on new products launches, healthy lifestyle tips, personal development and what’s going on in the life of Trevor and Kashlee!  Follow us on our current journey in ECUADOR! 

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Who we are

I guess you could call us freedom junkies!  We both could not STAND the idea of being stuck in a cubicle our entire lives, so we made the entire world our office 🙂 You can also follow our journey on our new site www.traveloffpath.com

Beachbody & Autumn Calabrese COUNTRY HEAT Dance Workout

Grab your Daisy Duke’s and Cowboy hat because the Beachbody & Autumn Calabrese COUNTRY HEAT Dance Workout is riding into town this Summer 2016!   This prime fitness news was JUST ANNOUNCED on Beachbody’s Success Club Cruise March 14th 2016 and already people are wanting to know how they can be one of the first to try! Autumn Calabrese, the creator of 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix EXTREME and FIXATE, is switching things up to bring a little YEEHAWWW to home workouts with Country Heat!  Get ready to fire up your metabolism, burn calories, and melt away unwanted pounds while you have fun dancing to the hottest country music around. Country Heat will feature workouts that are 30 minutes long, low-impact movement to melt off the weight and reshape your body,toning and tightening your shoulders, arms, legs, and booty.  The program incorporates simple moves for even beginners, but still has the energy to keep more advanced dancers burning calories and having fun! Country Heat comes with Autumn’s famous portion control containers that were first introduced in ’21 Day Fix’ and have been one of the most popular nutrition programs in recent history!  They are no brainer, color coded containers so you don’t have to count calories and can keep eating the foods you love.  If it fits, you eat it!   Beachbody & Autumn Calabrese COUNTRY HEAT Dance Workout will most definitely be this summers fitness trend! We are giving our clients and team the chance to participate in the first available ‘Test Challenge Group’ for Country Heat, so get your name on the list and we will contact you...

BOD Spotlight #2- Streaming with Apple TV

The day has finally come where fitness fanatics can finally STREAM their Beachbody on Demand workouts with Apple TV!  This is a huge addition to already having the ability to stream BOD through Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast.   BOD Spotlight #2- Streaming with Apple TV   There are always a million and one tech questions that pop up whenever a new feature is released.  Here is the 411 on everything you need to know about streaming BOD with Apple TV!   Which models of Apple TV does Beachbody on Demand work with? NOT any of the old ones.  You do need the 4th generation (so the newest one) to be able to do it.  The new Apple TV is worth it, as it comes with a ton of new features like the ability to also stream Netflix, Hulu, HBO and anything you have in your itunes library!  (The 4th generation Apple Tv comes in a 32GB and a 64GB, both for under $200)    What if I have an older version of Apple TV, but I know how to use the ‘Airplay’ feature? Then you are still okay to stream your Beachbody on Demand workouts from your phone or computer through Airplay, just not on the ‘BOD App’ specifically!   How do I get my Beachbody on Demand on the Apple TV? Launch your Apple TV and go into the App Store.  Search: ‘Beachbody on Demand’ and you will see the app in the results.  Download.  You’ll next see a screen pop up with a URL and an activation code. Enter the URL into the Internet browser on your...

BOD Spotlight #1: FREE Spotify Playlists

Over the next few weeks I am going to be aiming the SPOTLIGHT shining bright onto Beachbody On Demand!  This new online streaming platform dubbed ‘Netflix of Fitness’ was launched in March 2015, but has had SO many updates and improvements, I can’t put them all into ONE blog! 😉   BOD Spotlight #1: FREE Spotify Playlists   We all know how much a good jam can turn our mood right around, or even get us enough motivation to crush our workouts!  Beachbody On Demand has launched their own Spotify Playlist Channel that you can access from RIGHT inside the BOD site.  In fact, they have even made certain playlists to match different workouts for optimal calorie burning inspiration! The staff over at Beachbody, and even some of the celebrity trainers have lent their suggestions to make these lists worth the listen.  Autumn Calabrese even made a ‘Cardio Crush’ to go perfectly along with her world famous ’21 Day Fix’ program!       The lists range from everything to get your blood pumping for a HIIT or PLYO workout, to something a little more mellow for a stretch session or yoga.  Workout programs that you can find custom lists for include: 21 Day Fix, Body Beast, INSANITY, INSANITY MAX:30, or FOCUS T25. You might even have a favourite workout disc that you have played so many times you could literally repeat the trainer word for word…. am I right?  So mix it up by blasting one of the suggested playlists over the video and keep the workout fresh!     Just login with Facebook or create a free account with...

Hammer and Chisel is ON SALE in Canada and USA

Looks like Christmas came early for fitness fans because Hammer and Chisel is ON SALE in Canada and USA!   This ‘match made in heaven’ workout program takes the most popular at home weight lifting guru Sagi Kalev and pairs him with Beachbody’s most popular creator of the ’21 Day Fix’, miss Autumn Calabrese.  What this creates is one of the most anticipated and effective workouts to launch in the world of fitness in a long time! Yes, December can be a tough time to splurge on a fitness program for yourself, but lets be honest with each other, you are going to do it anyway!  I am totally guilty of this…. shopping at the stores for the people on my list, and BOOM!!!…. a bunch of stuff ends up in the cart for me! (Whoops!)  Do yourself a favor this year and skip the cute outfits & fragrance gift sets and instead opt for something that will literally change your life (both physically and mentally!)  Hammer and Chisel is THE program to do that! Summer bodies are FORGED in the winter, as they say.  I sure know what it feels like to wait until May and be in utter PANIC because I did not start to burn off the Christmas pies until it was a little too late.  Chisel off the fat NOW and be glad you did!     I was first introduced to Sagi’s ‘Body Beast’ by my fiance Trevor, and to be honest, I was a little hesitant to do it!  “I don’t want big muscles!” I said.  Well I could not have been more incorrect....

Weight Loss is MORE than Exercise and Clean Eating!

I can’t say it enough:  Weight Loss is MORE than exercise and clean eating! So hear me out:  Have you ever tried to do up last seasons pants and they won’t button up? Yeah, I think we have ALL been there.  The next thing we usually do is press the panic button, throw away all the treats in the house and crush some extra workouts.  Once the pants fit, we sigh in relief and then resume life as normal. … until… OOPS... the weight came back again.  (Okay!  We know the drill, let’s get started!)   But what just happened there?  Have you ever taken a deeper look into this very phenomenon?  The weight loss was not the problem.  It was the symptom.  The SYMPTOM of another problem that was going on in your life.   When we treat weight gain like it is the only issue, we miss the core reason WHY we experienced the weight gain.   Still following me? I will use my own past to illustrate this.  I was getting bullied and teased a lot at school and I started to use food as a security blanket.  Working out and cutting calories was NOT all that I needed at the time.  I needed to build my confidence back up, understand my self worth and combine that with healthier habits.  If I had JUST worked on cals in/cals out, I would have returned to my food crutch and the cycle would keep repeating itself.   I have seen it time and time again.  Someone will stock up on shakes, vitamins, pre-workout, and a whole library of fitness...

I Left My Insecurities in the Sand

A crippling insecurity showed up last week, and I decided it was time for it to leave my life forever.   Trevor asked me to do something, that to him, seemed FUN. To me, I felt my throat close up, my body get tense and all I wanted to do was hide.   What did he ask me to do? – TO SPRINT. To run on the beach with him. A playful race. –   The last time I ran was in mandatory track and field, of which was humiliating for me. I was 13 and by far the HEAVIEST person in my class. I couldn’t even get halfway through the 100m. I stopped at about 40m in, far behind everyone else, and walked off the side with about 300 other students taunting me. (Which was a daily occurrence)   After that I always had a note to get me out of any activity that would publicly humiliate me. I hid at gym class, I was excused from track. I never ran again. EVER! ?   Until that day last week, I didn’t even realize that I was still carrying around that guilt, embarrassment and pain. The pain that still lingered from being the “FAT FREAK” who was too heavy to run.   So….. I RAN. I freaking RAN. I sprinted and raced and RAN and left my SHAME in the sand Like this:Like Loading...Comments...

Ditch the Scale Challenge

I was never a big believer of the scale to begin with.  That snotty little square on my bathroom floor that always shouted at me with a digital display…   While of course weight loss is super important in the over-all quest for a healthy body, it should never remain a top focus forever.  You could be ‘skinny’ and still HORRIBLY unhealthy.  You could be heavier than your goal weight, but still fit into the smallest pair of jeans you own.  It’s TRICKY to just rely on the scale.   We started the 11th round of our free 30 Day online fitness ‘Change Your Life Challenge’ today and it’s the first one I did not technically weigh in for.  Why?  Well, biggest reason is I am in Ecuador for 6 months and do not OWN a scale, nor is there a gym in a 200 mile radius of me.   So it’s time for me to DITCH THE SCALE and use some other tell-tale signs if I have been slacking or if I have been working on my fitness!     The Fit of my Clothes Right or wrong, how my clothes fit that day will have a lot to do with my mood! (How many ladies hear me on that one?!)  In Ecuador for 6 months, I do not have the annual ritual of hiding under a HUGE cashmere sweater after too much comfort food.  Nope, it’s all bikinis, shorts, and tanks for me! When I can zip that sundress up, it will be one indication that I am sticking to my fitness regime.     Dem Abs Okay, so being...

Our Journey Continues… in ECUADOR!

I am sitting there this morning, a little overwhelmed by how fast everything has come together this year.  It seems almost INSANE that in just 4 short days Trevor and I will leave our home in Kelowna BC, travel over 7,000km and set up for SIX months in Puerto Cayo, Ecuador!   Even typing out those words doesn’t fully make sense in my brain yet!  I am not going to lie, GOD have we ever worked hard this year, but it all still feels like an ultimate blessing. Nothing in life comes easy right?  Well we both have first hand experience in learning just how true that is.  All I know is that STAYING STILL is even harder.  Being stuck on repeat in the same nightmarish ‘Groundhog Day’ is MUCH harder than putting in some good old fashioned effort.  My FEAR of staying the same is greater than my FEAR of stepping into the unknown.  Every single time I have stepped out of my comfort zone, nothing but wonderful and beautiful things have happened to me.  I am always left wondering why I carried around so much fear in the first place?  I won’t bring any of it with me to Ecuador.  I have decided to pack it up in a little box and take it out with the last bit of trash before we leave!   So why did we pick Ecuador?   Well, I think it sort of chose us to be honest!  We had both never been there, let alone really know ANYTHING about the country.  We were first searching more common destinations like Costa Rica,...

Beachbody on Demand Launched in the UK

Get Beachbody On Demand Now!   BEACHBODY ON DEMAND Launched in the UK!  Beachbody now has their brand new ONLINE WORKOUT VIDEO system available for eager clients that are currently living anywhere in the UK.  This is going to change everything!  Can you tell I am a little excited?  You should be too!  You get to try it FREE FREE FREEEEEEEEE!!!! I get emails and requests ALL the time from clients in the UK that are looking to use the system.  Beachbody has been gaining popularity like wildfire since the proven ’21 Day Fix’ system launched earlier this year and it’s fans want MORE.  BOD gives you unlimited access to HUNDREDS of streaming workout videos, so you can customize your fitness like never before.  (Plus they are adding some AMAZING features to it this year that will blow your mind)Free Beachbody On Demand UK TrialWant Beachbody on Demand right now?  Get it here with a 14 Day Free Trial When you select the 3 month plan, your first 14 days include a free trial!What do you get?  The Beachbody on Demand UK gives you the FULL fitness programs for the following titles:InsanityTurboFireBrazil Butt LiftP90x (1, 2 and 3)ChaLean ExtremeHip Hops Abs10 Minute TrainerThe Asylum (1 and 2)Slim in 6Rev AbsRockin BodyTai ChengThe Master TrainersTurboJamYoga Booty BalletTotal Body SolutionPower Half HourPower 9021 Day Fix Extreme3 Week Yoga RetreatCIZE21 Day FixT25P90PiyoBody BeastMax 30Hammer and ChiselCore De ForceShift Shop “HOW DO I TRY BEACHBODY ON DEMAND FOR FREE IN THE UK!?”You get a FREE 14 Day Trial of the entire system, with absolutely NO obligation to continue, which makes it even sweeter!  You also get access to our online...

Trevor & Kashlee’s ‘Change Your Life Challenge’ is BACK!

OOOOO it’s good to be BACK! With the recent launch of ‘Beachbody on Demand’ in Canada and the USA, we have had SO many of our clients admit how addicted to the new platform they are!  Since we can give our clients a 30 day 100% completely FREE trial of all streaming workout videos, we have been able to transform more lives than ever! All spring, we ran our ‘Change Your Life Challenge’ group, with HUNDREDS of participants that got INCREDIBLE results.  Then… well.. the summer happened.  We bought the lot for our new home, planned our trip to Ecuador, went to Summit in Nashville and needed to take a little time off for us.   But the WAIT IS OVER!!!   Trevor & Kashlee’s ‘Change Your Life Challenge’ is Back!!     Our latest and greatest group is called ‘X’, being the roman numeral for ’10’ and also because ‘X’ just sounds so badass, we couldn’t resist!    Change Your Life Challenge X is going to feature: Over 200+ of the worlds best workout videos, streaming on any device you want, unlimited Demo’s of the BRAND spanking new entries like: CIZE, 21 Day Fix Extreme, Piyo and soon HAMMER AND CHISEL  Meal Planning and Nutrition Guides you can download and keep forever Confidence Building Relationship Tools  Trevor and I as your personal Coaches to help you live a happier life!     How much are you thinking this group would cost?  You are going to be pleasantly surprised…. $40 for 90 Days   First timer? Then it’s FREE for your first 30 days to try it out and try...



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