Our Journey Continues… in ECUADOR!

Our Journey Continues… in ECUADOR!

I am sitting there this morning, a little overwhelmed by how fast everything has come together this year.  It seems almost INSANE that in just 4 short days Trevor and I will leave our home in Kelowna BC, travel over 7,000km and set up for SIX months in Puerto Cayo, Ecuador!


Even typing out those words doesn’t fully make sense in my brain yet!  I am not going to lie, GOD have we ever worked hard this year, but it all still feels like an ultimate blessing.

Nothing in life comes easy right? 

Well we both have first hand experience in learning just how true that is.  All I know is that STAYING STILL is even harderBeing stuck on repeat in the same nightmarish ‘Groundhog Day’ is MUCH harder than putting in some good old fashioned effort.  My FEAR of staying the same is greater than my FEAR of stepping into the unknown.  Every single time I have stepped out of my comfort zone, nothing but wonderful and beautiful things have happened to me.  I am always left wondering why I carried around so much fear in the first place?  I won’t bring any of it with me to Ecuador.  I have decided to pack it up in a little box and take it out with the last bit of trash before we leave!


So why did we pick Ecuador?


Well, I think it sort of chose us to be honest!  We had both never been there, let alone really know ANYTHING about the country.  We were first searching more common destinations like Costa Rica, Panama and of course my old favorite, Mexico.  Through our searching we found that our ‘wish list’ and our ‘budget’ were not in harmony in those locations.  Then Ecuador kind of poked its head out at us and showed us just how far our budget could go, while still giving us everything we desired.  Boom!  An instant match made in heaven.


If you follow me on Facebook you would have seen my Ecuador Countdown posts I have been doing daily for the last 10 days and they have really taught us SO much about how wonderful the country really is!


I cannot tell you how excited I am to hear the crashing waves from our bed, to feel the warm ocean breeze and to even spot whales breaching in front of our house!  I CRAVE the local food and long to be able to work on my Spanish again!


This is certainly be a new chapter in our adventure book, but we can’t begin writing those pages until we reflect on just how GRATEFUL we are to be able have this opportunity.  To be able to CHOOSE where we want to live, to be able to travel on a whim, to not have restrictions and rules that hold us back.  This is our life by design and we want to squeeze every last drop out of every single day.



See you soon ECUADOR!



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