Lose Weight for New Years!

Lose Weight for New Years!

Lose Weight For New Years Eve

The most anticipated and glamorous parties of the year are JUST around the corner, but there are a few things in your way!  Thanksgiving, left over Halloween Candy, Christmas and even colder, shorter days!  Instead of battling the pumpkin roll off your thighs AFTER the fact, why not keep it off my committing to a program over the holidays?  You can lose weight for New Years and keep fit throughout the entire holiday season!


Starting on Dec 1, I am personally running an online Challenge Group for people looking to slip effortlessly into their little black dress for New Years Eve!  From December 1st to Dec 30th, I will be your coach, your cheerleader and your ‘fitness boss’ to make sure you stay accountable and start the right habits early to ensure you can indulge in a little egg nog and candy canes!

There are 2 FANTASTIC and effective programs to pick from!  This month I am hosting a battle of the programs. It’s ’21 Day Fix’ VS ‘PiYO’!
Either way- you are FIT BY XMAS and FIT BY NEW YEARS!

Will it be PIYO, the combo of Pilates and Yoga to tone and sculpt your entire body in 30 days OR Will it be 21 Day Fix, the Total Body Solution with Meal Planning portion containers?  Let’s take a look at both of them in a little more detail!  You can always SEND ME A MESSAGE so I can personally help you decide which one is best for you!


PiYo vs 21 Day Fix





Carve an intensely defined physique—without jumps, without weights, and without straining your joints.

Using your body weight, you’ll perform fluid, low-impact, high-intensity movements inspired by Pilates and yoga. The result? Long, lean muscles, a high, firm booty, and tight, flat, sexy abs.

With PiYo, you’ll work every single muscle to stabilize, stretch, and strengthen every inch of your body. And since Chalene Johnson cranked up the speed and the fun, you’ll burn crazy calories while you’re at it.  One of Beachbody’s best selling Fitness Program.





Now there’s an easy-to-follow nutrition and fitness program that makes losing weight so simple, you can see results fast—up to 15 pounds in just 21 days!

21 Day Fix takes all the guesswork out of weight loss. There’s no counting, no guessing, and no wondering. Just easy-to-follow portion control (containers included!) Shakeology once per day and one 30-minute workout per day. That’s all.  So stop wasting time on diets that don’t get results. If you’re ready to get serious, 21 Day Fix can help you lose the weight.



With your personalized Challenge Pack you get:

– At home workout program (Piyo or 21 Day Fix)
– 1 Months Supply of Shakeology in your choice of flavor (your healthiest meal of the day)
– Private Support Group via FB where you will receive:
– One on One coaching
– Daily motivation & support from myself, other coaches I mentor and challengers
– Regular check ins for measurements and weight
– Monthly meal plan
– Recipes
– The ability to schedule one on one calls with me
– The chance to work along side me to ensure your success with the program!
– Chance to win $500-$100,000 in prizes!

Doesn’t this sound like the holiday plan you have been looking for?


Last day to Order is Sunday November 23rd & both Challenge Groups (hosted by yours truly!) start Dec 1st!

Are you in CANADA?
Then here is the link to grab your PIYO Challenge Pack  OR  The 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack
Are you in the US?
There here is your link for the PIYO Challenge Pack  OR  The 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack


Have questions?  Need my help in picking a pack?  Want to know more about the group?  THEN ADD ME AS A FRIEND HERE and send me a message!  You can also email me HERE

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  1. I’m sure that anyone looking to lose weight by New Years would be blessed to have you as a coach. You seem to truly care about people. These programs sounds doable, and like they’d surely help achieve your fitness goals.

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