Hammer and Chisel is ON SALE in Canada and USA

Hammer and Chisel is ON SALE in Canada and USA

Looks like Christmas came early for fitness fans because Hammer and Chisel is ON SALE in Canada and USA!


This ‘match made in heaven’ workout program takes the most popular at home weight lifting guru Sagi Kalev and pairs him with Beachbody’s most popular creator of the ’21 Day Fix’, miss Autumn Calabrese.  What this creates is one of the most anticipated and effective workouts to launch in the world of fitness in a long time!

Yes, December can be a tough time to splurge on a fitness program for yourself, but lets be honest with each other, you are going to do it anyway!  I am totally guilty of this…. shopping at the stores for the people on my list, and BOOM!!!…. a bunch of stuff ends up in the cart for me! (Whoops!)  Do yourself a favor this year and skip the cute outfits & fragrance gift sets and instead opt for something that will literally change your life (both physically and mentally!)  Hammer and Chisel is THE program to do that!

Summer bodies are FORGED in the winter, as they say.  I sure know what it feels like to wait until May and be in utter PANIC because I did not start to burn off the Christmas pies until it was a little too late.  Chisel off the fat NOW and be glad you did!


Hammer and Chisel is ON SALE in Canada and USA


I was first introduced to Sagi’s ‘Body Beast’ by my fiance Trevor, and to be honest, I was a little hesitant to do it!  “I don’t want big muscles!” I said.  Well I could not have been more incorrect.  Body Beast toned me up like I have never seen before on my body, and trust me, if I had weights down in Ecuador right now I would be using them to continue with THE BEAST!  We won’t be home until March 2016, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I have already ordered Hammer and Chisel and it’s waiting to welcome me home.

Trevor and I did BOTH of the ‘sneak peaks’ they have up on Beachbody On Demand (without weights…. well…. I used canned peaches! LOL) and they were both incredible workouts. Now that the entire Hammer and Chisel program is on sale in Canada and the USA, you have a chance to grab it at it’s cheapest introduction price!



Oh, and before I forget, they changed some things up for this sale!  Usually a ‘Challenge Pack’ combo comes with Shakeology (a dense superfood meal replacement) but for the launch of Hammer and Chisel, they decided to add a NEW combo that fits the needs of the serious ‘master’.

They have launched the new PERFORMANCE line Hammer and Chisel Challenge Pack, and it comes with the TOP 2 sellers: The pre-workout ‘Energize’ and the post-workout ‘Recover’.

Replace the crap you bought at GMC with this and notice the positive impact a NSF approved supplement actually has on your body!


I have readers from both CANADA and the USA looking for Hammer and Chisel on sale, so bare with me on the plethora of links! 🙂




Hammer and Chisel Shakeology Canada


Hammer and Chisel Shakeology USA



Hammer and Chisel Performance Canada


Hammer and Chisel Performance USA

Just to make this SWEETER Sagi, Autumn and Beachbody’s CEO are also hosting a 60 day Challenge Group online FEATURING the Hammer and Chisel program!  Every single day you will receive motivation, tips, tricks, recipes, and even a chance to win over $5000 in prizes!  Once you are set up with your package, EMAIL ME so I can get you inside this awesome group!

Hammer and Chisel Official Challenge Group



Any questions about Hammer and Chisel, Beachbody on Demand, or the Official Challenge Group, then you best send me a quick EMAIL HERE so I can help!


I’ll leave you with this video to watch, just so you realize how much you want to crush it with Hammer and Chisel!



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