How To Go Diamond in Beachbody in 90 Days

How To Go Diamond in Beachbody in 90 Days

How to go Diamond in Beachbody in 90 days




‘Diamond’ IS a girls best friend!  If you are currently working on expanding your Beachbody business, or if you have been researching becoming a Coach, then this blog may help give you some insight on:

 How to go Diamond in Beachbody (in 90 days or less!)


First off, for anyone that is unsure of what Diamond is, it is a rank held by a Coach in Beachbody and is achieved by:

  • Having 8 personally sponsored Coaches (4 on each ‘leg’)
  • 2 of those 8 Coaches are Emerald rank or higher (1 on each ‘leg’)
  • You have at least 100 PV through your account each month

What is a Diamond in Beachbody



So, without all the small technical stuff, it boils down to this = You have 8 people who have linked arms with you and also want to build a Beachbody business!



Why is Diamond something to strive for?


Once you achieve Diamond, you have a STRONG foundation to your business and an amazing team you can start growing!  Diamond unlocks a bunch of cool earning things too, like 10% matching bonus cheques on your teams cycle earnings, $18 per cycle and some Beachbody swag!

Also did you know… the average Diamond in Beachbody earns $18,175 per year with the highest Diamond earning $136,818!  Now THAT is what I call a 90 day PAY RAISE!

Think about that from your personal income perspective for just a second.

If I could show you how to achieve the Diamond Rank in 90 days or less and you were then earning even the AVERAGE amount of income, how could that change your life? How could an extra $18k or even $25k a year change your current situation?  Let’s not forget that we never strive for ‘average’ 😉


But can it be done?  Diamond in 90 days or less?


I say YES!  It CAN!  How do I know?  Well, I personally did it in 90 days!  I am now a Diamond Coach with Team Beachbody and I achieved my rank in 90 days.  My sponsoring coach achieved her Diamond Status in only 45 days!  It is not rocket science, it is just about being clear with your own personal goals, inviting people you want to work with to be a part of them and change peoples lives for the better!




How about we take a look into exactly some of the things that I did in order to become Diamond within 90 days:



1) Selling Challenge Packs



The most effective way to help clients is by matching them to a Beachbody fitness program inside of a ‘Challenge Pack’.

What is a Challenge Pack?

A Challenge Pack is a discounted combo pack that saves your client $50-$100 on buying the items separately.  It contains a fitness program of their choice, a 30 day supply of Shakeology, a money back guarantee, you as their personal coach, a spot in the ‘Challenge Group’ and an opportunity to get discounts on future purchases.

Click HERE to see all the different Beachbody programs that are available in a Challenge Pack!

When you sell a Challenge Pack, you make $40-$80 in upfront commissions, plus a reoccurring $32/m residual income!  Very cool!

Once your client purchases their Challenge Pack, you will place them into the next upcoming ‘Challenge Group’ that corresponds with their matching fitness program.

You should be focusing on helping 2-5 clients get a Challenge Pack each month for your first 3 months in the business!



2) Running Challenge Groups

What is a Challenge Group?

A Challenge Group is a private, online Facebook Group that your client will have access to.  The group usually contains 5-20 (some are larger) participants doing the exact same workout, starting on the exact same day as your client.

On/just before, everyone posts their measurements, before pics and goals!

Every day, the admins of the group post the daily workout, sweaty selfies, motivational pieces, healthy recipes and daily talk to engage the group and keep everyone accountable!  Your client will be getting all the direction, motivation, support and information they need to have a positive experience full of great results!  Your sponsoring coach will usually help you with your first Challenge Group until you are comfortable running them on your own.



3) Curating a Facebook Fan Page

I won’t get into the definition of what a FB Page is, but I will tell you how we run effective ones.

Your page should have a clear purpose, niche and mission.   Your posts should NOT be an ongoing harassment of advertisements!  Give your readers something to look forward to and keep them engaged!  I recommend posting 80% fun stuff (like good articles, funny photos, viral videos, sweaty selfies, those muffins you baked that look like hell, etc) and 20% promotion (like your upcoming Challenge Groups, monthly sales, Shakeology, etc)  With the 80/20 rule, you should be able to develop a nice audience that cares about what you are posting.  Most people fall in love with YOU, not your P90x ad!

Here is a link to my Facebook Fan Page 

4) Getting OUT There

Just because you have become a Beachbody Coach, does not mean the whole world knows about it!  Stop living inside your own head and thinking “Oh my gosh, I can’t talk to people about this, they will think I am crazy…”  No.  They won’t.  Most people, like 8 in 10, are looking to lose weight, maintain their bod or be more healthy.  You just have to TALK to them about it!  Hack even 75% of people are living nearly paycheck to paycheck!  If you wanted to change your health and your income, it is very likely they are as well.  Strike up conversations, go to networking events, hand out your business card, make friends, add new contacts to Facebook, etc!  Get out of the house, talk to people and never stop inviting!



5) Learn a little Marketing

Lindy and I LOVE internet marketing!  It is actually how we met! 🙂

Now we take our bundles of marketing knowledge and apply it to our Beachbody business.   We created websites, online training for our team, blogs, Facebook ads, classified ads and even traditional marketing campaigns.  You do not need a lot of money to invest into marketing for your Beachbody business, but even the smallest budget can do wonders with the right methods!  We personally teach our team the techniques that we use to market ourselves online and traditionally!



6) Have a Duplication Process

When you have new coaches under your belt, you need a tight process that they can learn from and emulate, right out of the gates!  Remember, your Beachbody business is not just about selling Challenge Packs and Coaching your clients, it is about coaching your team members too.  Their success is your success, so you better take it seriously.



7) Success Club

Make it MANDATORY to yourself and for your team to hit Success Club each and every month.  I make SC 10 for myself and my leaders mandatory, while SC 5 is mandatory for my coaches to achieve.  Not only will you find your income growing, your Success Club TRIP bank growing, but you will also find your TEAM and RANK growing!

go diamond in 90 days

If I had to sum it up, my basic 3 words of advice are:

– Invite

– Support

– Coach

If you are regularly inviting people to join your Challenge groups, supporting them to achieve their goals and coaching both clients and team mates, you will find success in the world of Beachbody.

If you are just researching Beachbody as a potential career, you can always SEND ME A MESSAGE or say ‘Yes!’ to becoming a Coach on my team, the Freedom Fanatics!


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  1. Sound advice that’s applicable in many different ventures. You’ve got the added bonus of providing something of real worth as well. It seems a really nice structure to constantly push you forward to continue achieving.

    • You are so right Alex, these tips can be used in many different companies and ventures as well!
      I used them to become Diamond in Beachbody in under 90 days, but others can use them to gain new clients, expand their business, or even as tips when starting a new journey.

  2. I knew you were capable of achieving great things, Kashlee, way to go! Hopefully you will have many more exciting and profitable weeks ahead of you.

  3. Congratulations on becoming a Diamond Beachbody Coach in 90 Days Kashlee! Your hard work paid off and now all of your Beachbody Coaches have the tools to become diamond in 90 days!

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