Free At Home Weight Loss Challenge

Free At Home Weight Loss Challenge

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you!  I am beyond excited to be able to now offer a 30 day FREE at home weight loss challenge for my clients!


Being a Beachbody Coach, I talk to hundreds of people a month that are looking to lose weight in general, tone up for a big event, or just start to feel better about their own bodies.  My job is to match them up with a workout that aligns with their goals, take a look at their nutrition and support them throughout their journey.  Many potential clients are super timid about starting a program, with the fear like everything else they have tried before, they won’t like it and just wont stick to it.  For that reason, I have come up with something that will easily introduce my clients to different workout programs and not cost them a PENNY!

Free At Home Fitness

Here is the scoop:

You get to try over $2000 worth of different workout videos, in all different styles and skills levels.  You can stream them on your TV through Apple TV or Chromecast, watch on your computer or laptop, or EVEN stream on your tablet or phone.  You get to bring them anywhere including the gym, to a friends house or even on vacation in Europe.  You get access to some of the best meal plans and nutrition tips in existence, in downloadable forms, that you can keep forever.  On top of all that, you get a spot in our next crazy supportive online Challenge Group so you can be held accountable and have some fun with this.  Yep, it’s pretty much the best free at home weight loss challenge you could ever hope for!


Trevor and Kashlee Fitness



What’s the catch?  …..there is none.  Trevor and I volunteer our time EVERY DAY for the 30 day long groups, constantly posting everything from motivational pics to nutrition tips to confidence building methods.  You just have to show up, have a good attitude and enjoy the plethora of free weight loss goodies we have packaged up for you.

Free at home weight loss challenge

SO why would we be doing this for free when we have a business to run?  Well, in the spirit of full disclosure, we do this because we know you will love it!  Another HUGE reason, is we know that some people really need to TRY a program before they commit.  Our Free Challenge Groups allow you to try US on for size, as well as the fitness programs.  Most body transformations are going to take more than 30 days as it is, so this gives us both a chance to form a relationship and get the ball rolling.


I know what you may be thinking at this point…“I wonder how much it is after the 30 days, since it comes with SO much…”.  No fear my dear, continuing after the 30 days is a LOT less then you think.  To keep access to your streaming online library of over $2000 of workout videos, your meal planners, online forums, our Challenge Groups, etc, will only cost you a mind boggling $13/m.  Yep.  $13.  All I know is this:  If you cannot budget $13/m for the miracle that is your body and your all-over health, then you need to consider a lifestyle adjustment.  What costs less- A small amount monthly to keep you healthy, or expensive medical bills later from ailments directly linked to obesity, cardiovascular health and poor diet It’s a no brainer.


Now you need to register for your FREE at home weight loss challenge, which you can do by clicking the big shiny REGISTER NOW button 😉

Free at home weight loss challenge


After you have registered, I would:

#1 love to meet you, and

#2 love to add you our next private VIP FREE at home weight loss challenge group!

You are going to need to add me on the Facebook and send me a message.  If you do not have FB, you can also send me an email HERE.

Beachbody Coach Kashlee

My very next FREE challenge group is Monday May 18th 2015.  If you came across this blog in the future, shoot me a message, as I should still have some upcoming dates for you! 🙂

Cheerio, ta-ta, and I will see you on the other side!




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  1. Free home workouts are my absolute favorite way to stay in great shape! Finding out that Beachbody now offers FREE workouts is the best way to lose weight for free.

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