Ditch the Scale Challenge

Ditch the Scale Challenge

I was never a big believer of the scale to begin with.  That snotty little square on my bathroom floor that always shouted at me with a digital display…


While of course weight loss is super important in the over-all quest for a healthy body, it should never remain a top focus forever.  You could be ‘skinny’ and still HORRIBLY unhealthy.  You could be heavier than your goal weight, but still fit into the smallest pair of jeans you own.  It’s TRICKY to just rely on the scale.


We started the 11th round of our free 30 Day online fitness ‘Change Your Life Challenge’ today and it’s the first one I did not technically weigh in for.  Why?  Well, biggest reason is I am in Ecuador for 6 months and do not OWN a scale, nor is there a gym in a 200 mile radius of me.


So it’s time for me to DITCH THE SCALE and use some other tell-tale signs if I have been slacking or if I have been working on my fitness!

Ditch The Scale



The Fit of my Clothes

Right or wrong, how my clothes fit that day will have a lot to do with my mood! (How many ladies hear me on that one?!)  In Ecuador for 6 months, I do not have the annual ritual of hiding under a HUGE cashmere sweater after too much comfort food.  Nope, it’s all bikinis, shorts, and tanks for me! When I can zip that sundress up, it will be one indication that I am sticking to my fitness regime.



Dem Abs

Okay, so being in rural South America…. ABS are the hardest thing to chase.  I am surrounded, literally SURROUNDED by white bread, white tortillas, white rice, starches, added sugar, wafers, pastries, etc.  (DANG IT!  My weakness!)  When those oblique lines are poking out… YIPPIE!  I know that is my bodies way of telling me “Good job Kash, you managed to do some low carbing after all”. (Thanks little tiny baby abs… hope you stick around!…MMM donuts!!)



My Energy Levels

Working out any time of the day pumps me UP and keeps me on a high for while.  When I consistently press PLAY during the week, I can kind of ride that wave of energy in the low points of my day.  I know that when I want to reach that 3rd coffee, or like I could nap while sitting up, I probably have NOT been doing my workouts.



When I ‘Pass’

You know, when someone is like: “Hey girl, would you like this warm, chocolatey, gooey, extra delicious, melting chocolate lava cake with caramel icing, powered sugar, candied pecans, all with a side of maple vanilla ice cream…for free?”  (ha in my dreams) and then you say: “No, I’m good.  I just had some hummus and carrots”  YEAH!  There is POWER in the PASS!  I usually pass if I am feeling extra fine from my healthy eating and workouts.  More proof I am on track!




My Progress

If I am getting better and stronger, I know I have been doing something right.  When I first started Piyo, I couldn’t even do ONE full tricep pushup on my knees.  Even though that number may have not skyrocketed, the day I pulled off TEN was a happy day!  If I can see myself progressing, not only does that mean I have been pushing myself, but it also means that I am getting a little more kick ass everyday.  whoo hoo!



Quality of Sleep

When I first started doing Body Beast is when I really started to see this correlation.  I would basically sleep like I was in a coma for 9 hours with no waking up until an extra loud alarm finally brought me back to life.  If I sleep like a baby, I am getting a good amount of exercise during the day.  When I toss and turn and wake up a ton- those are usually the nights that happen after I take a week off!



My Confidence

So I have battled with self confidence from a very young age, like SO many other women do.  We all know what it is like to play a constant tug of war game with you own self worth.  While being comfortable in my own skin NO MATTER WHAT WEIGHT I might be at is something I have been working on, it’s nice to check yourself out and be happy with what you see.  If I catch myself sneaking peeks at my own butt… YEAH… I probably worked out ALL week 🙂   Admiring your hard work is always a definite sign you are on the right track.



More than ever before in my life, I want to be ME.  I DON’T want to be the girl that obsesses compulsively over a number on the scale.  I DON’T want to be the girl that measures her self worth on the size of her jeans.  I just want to FEEL GOOD, have fun, inspire others and just enjoy life a little more.  Our fitness challenges are never about being perfect, working out 7 days a week and sticking to a diet 100% of the time.  They are about doing your best, using an 80/20 rule with indulging in yummy food and just adopting a positive attitude.



Who is with me on DITCHING THE SCALE?! 🙂

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