Core De Force Review, Results, Launch Date & Test Group

Core De Force Review, Results, Launch Date & Test Group

Core De Force is Beachbody’s latest workout that is definitely packing a PUNCH!  With the official release date happening on Oct 31st 2016, your FIGHT for a better body is just around the corner!   **UPDATE: Launch just happened!  Scroll to the bottom to get set up with your copy NOW before they sell out!****

We have ALL the details you will EVER want to know with:

Trevor & Kashlee’s Core De Force Review, Results, Launch Date & Test Group  


Core De Force Reviews:

We are just about to complete 60 days in the Core De Force Test group (results and review for that coming SOON!) but we did learn a lot in our first 30 round!

  • Core De Force is an intense workout.  It would be on par with Insanity or P90x!  However, because there is an amazing low impact modifier to follow, ANYONE is able to do this workout.
  • You do not need ANY equipment for Core De Force.  At all!
  • The moves are easy to get used to (even if the first time is a little tricky)  I am really not a coordinated guy at ALL and I was able to do these moves (which means anyone can do them!) No fancy footwork here!
  • This workout targets the CORE unlike any other workout we have done to date.
  • Kashlee was dreading the cardio, but to be honest, the cool moves and combos kept her brain so busy (and feeling like a superhero) that she kind of forgot how much cardio she was actually doing.



Trevor and Kashlee’s 30 Day Core De Force Results:


Total weight lost: 6lbs

Total inches lost: 13 inches

Area most improved: Stomach

Core De Force Test GroupCore De Force Weight Loss Core De Force Review Core De Force Review, Results, Launch Date & Test Group



Total weight lost: 4.6lbs

Total inches lost: 8.75 inches

Area most improved: Stomach

30 Day Core De Force Results

Core De Force 30 Day Results


Core De Force Launch Date:

Core De Force launches Oct 31st 2016


Sign up for our Core De Force Challenge ‘FIGHTING For a Change’ Challenge:

Because we have been already doing Core De Force for 60 days now in the official test group, we are ready to lead a Challenge Group to get YOU massive success with this program.  On Nov 21st, we start ‘FIGHTING For A Change’, which is an online boot camp that uses the Core De Force workouts, the meal plan, our favorite fit food recipes, personal development, motivation and GUARANTEED results!

Get on the wait list for your VIP Invitation to the group NOW


How long are the Core De Force Workouts?

Core De Force workouts are 30 to 47 minutes in duration.


What workouts come in Core De Force?

MMA Speed      (27 mins)     Upper body and core-focused, this boxing influenced workout is short-but packs a serious punch.
MMA Shred      (37 mins) Kick things up a notch with Muay-Thai-inspired elbows and kicks for a total-body shred that’ll lean you out fast.
MMA Power     (47 mins) Using explosive and defensive style movements in this fast-paced cardio conditioning workout will help you carve a tight lean body.
MMA Plyo      (47 mins)  What happens when you combine boxing, Muay Thai and plyometrics into one workout? You’ll knockout hundreds of calories and spike your fat burn into overdrive.
Power Sculpt     (37 mins) A total-body burner that uses explosive power and interval training to sculpt lean muscle and build next-level endurance.
Dynamic Strength  (47 mins) Low on impact, but high on intensity, you’ll carve impressive definition with this no-equipment, bodyweight throwdown.
Active Recovery  (21 mins) Recharge for the week ahead with this rest day workout that focuses on form and technique to fight muscle stiffness and soreness.
CORE DE FORCE Relief  (5 mins)  Prepare for the next day’s workout with this quick 5-minute, before-bed stretch session.
Core Kinetics   (15 mins) A unique core workout inspired by Mixed Martial Arts movements to target every part of your core.
5 Min Core On the Floor  (5 mins) The ultimate core finisher-5 challenging plank movements to bring your abs out of hiding.
Agility Strength   (37 mins) Combine fast footwork drills with bodyweight to improve coordination and blast major calories.
Agility Power    (27 mins) Grab your agility ladder and rip through multi-functional training that ignites every muscle and shreds fat for serious definition.
MMA Kick Butt   (37 mins) Carve lean legs and sculpted glutes with a non-stop mix of powerful kicks and calorie-scorching conditioning spikes.
MMA Mashup    (26 mins)  All the best CORE DE FORCE moves in one killer workout! From addictive boxing and Muay Thai combos to strength and plyo burners, this challenging workout will leave you drenched-and wanting more.


What comes with Core De Force?

You have 2 options!

You can either get Core De Force in a Challenge Pack with Shakeology (30 of them, which act as a FULL meal replacement for either breakfast or lunch.  Great for weight loss and great nutrition)


You can get Core De Force in a Challenge Pack with Performance (2 supplements.  1 is ‘Energize’, a pre-workout naturally caffeinated drink to boost up your energy and focus.  1 is ‘Recover’, a post workout protein shake to help replenish protein and help with muscle soreness)



How can I purchase Core De Force?


You can purchase Core De Force on Oct 31st 2016 (links will be updated here) or you can CONTACT US HERE to be put on the wait list!  First come first serve!




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CLICK HERE to buy the Core De Force Challenge Pack in CANADA

CLICK HERE to buy the Core De Force Challenge Pack in the USA

Buy the Core De Force Performance Challenge Pack


CLICK HERE to buy the ‘Performance’ Core De Force Challenge Pack in CANADA

CLICK HERE to buy the ‘Performance’ Core De Force Challenge Pack in the USA



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