Cize – New Beachbody Workout from Shaun T!

Cize – New Beachbody Workout from Shaun T!

What am I excited about these days?  Definitely Cize! Dubbed ‘the end of exercise’ Cize is the newest Beachbody workout from celebrity trainer Shaun T.


Cize- New Beachbody Workout from Shaun T


******UPDATE July 20th 2015 : CIZE is now available to BUY! 

Click HERE to buy it in CANADA

Click HERE to buy it in the USA


If you have ever done any of Shaun T’s fitness programs before, you know that they are not only challenging but damn effective!  I think this will be the case with Cize ALL THE WAY.  Cize is a dance workout, but don’t fear if you have two left feet.   Shaun breaks down the steps to the very basics so you can get a grasp on them before turning up the tempo.

It is NO secret that I have a major love/hate relationship with cardio.  I have said before that I wouldn’t even RUN AWAY from a serial killer chasing me… that is how much I dislike it at times.   What I love about Cize is that it kind of tricks your mind into doing cardio and before you know it, you have torched major calories.  You get so focused on getting the steps that you forget how hard you are actually working your body. 

This month, Trevor and I received the demo disk for Cize that includes one of the workouts for Elite Coaches to test.  At first, Trevor looked at it like “umm… no way… I’m not dancing…”.  Then guess what happened?  Surprise surprise, YEP, Trevor loves it!  For a guy that does not have a whole lot of natural rhythm in those hips (sorry babe), he was really able to catch on to the moves and put the routine together!  If I can secretly videotape him, believe me, it will be posted on this blog!

I have good news and bad news about the release of Cize!  The bad news is, we have to wait until Mid July for the full length program to become available for sale. The good news, I can give you a chance to WIN it before it’s released.

How amazing would a FREE copy of Cize be? Click HERE to enter, or on the photo below!


Win Cize Free


So is Cize for you?  Let’s recap the benefits:

  • 30 to 45 minute workouts to squeeze into busy schedules

  • NO weights, NO push-ups, NO sit-ups

  • NO boring cardio

  • Upbeat music and hot tracks to get you pumped up

  • Learning dance steps with increased coordination

  • Major calorie burn

  • Tricks your brain into working out longer/harder

  • It’s fun.  Plain and simple!


Cize The End Of Exercise



Once Cize is officially released July 2015, you know that we will be putting together a VERY high energy Challenge Group for it!  To secure your spot, SEND ME A MESSAGE or head on over to my FANPAGE and connect with me there!  We are keeping it under 100 people, so first come first serve!

For now, check out this promo video on CIZE and stay tuned!



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  1. CIZE by Shaun T will be the most popular new fitness program of 2015! I can’t wait to try out CIZE on Beachbody on Demand June 1st!


  1. Try CIZE at Kelowna's Super Saturday - ThankFit - […] WORKOUT:  Cize is definitely ALL the rage in the fitness world and is officially launching in Canada mid July. …
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