Cize Hair is Beachbody’s latest fitness trend! #CIZEhair

Cize Hair is Beachbody’s latest fitness trend!  #CIZEhair

With it’s first full length workout video JUST being launched on Beachbody On Demand, Cize Hair is Beachbody’s latest fitness trend! #CIZEhair


Being Beachbody Coaches, Trevor and I first found out about Shaun T’s latest workout/dance series CIZE when we were at the annual Success Club Trip Cancun in April.  Once we got home, the buzz was already out and our clients & fellow Coaches were demanding to know when they could get their hands on it.  Luckily, on June 1st Beachbody launched a sneak peek video on their new Beachbody On Demand platform and the response has been HUGE!   In the Free Challenge Groups that we run, our participants are already showing off their post workout CIZE HAIR selfies!  (Oh, and I have a Cize surprise for you in just a moment, so keep reading!)

UPDATE July 20th 2015 : CIZE is now available to BUY! 

Click HERE to buy it in CANADA

Click HERE to buy it in the USA



So what is #CIZEhair?

It is a sweaty selfie pic or vid to prove they did the workout, with some pretty CRAZY hair to top it off!  Let’s just say if you are giving it your all with Shaun T and his dance crew, there should not be on single hair in place on your head!

 CIZEhair Dont care


On June 8th, my main squeeze Trevor Kucheran found out he was part of the CIZE test group!  They mailed him a FULL copy of the entire program, complete with meal planning book and ALL dance videos.  Let me tell you – CIZE IS GOING TO CHANGE THE WAY YOU WORKOUT FOREVER!  It totally ‘tricks’ me into doing cardio and I could NOT love the program any more than I do.  Plus- it’s fun.  I mean REALLY FUN!  How else was I ever going to get Trevor shakin his groove thang?


Want to try CIZE for FREE?  Of course you do!  Grab your 30 day FREE trial to Beachbody on Demand which includes the full length CIZE workout ‘You Got This’ as well as over 200 other famous workout videos!


Cize Beachbody on Demand


******Now here is my CIZEprise for you:

Post your #CIZEhair photo or video to WIN!  We are going to GIVE AWAY a full copy of CIZE to a lucky ‘Cizer’ for carrying on the Cize Hair trend!  While our Challengers DID not even KNOW I was turning this into a contest, they shared their #CIZEhair selfies with pride!   Thanks to these BEAUTIES who jumped start the contest,  you are now ALL entered to win and are starting off with 10 BONUS BALLOTS just for being AWESOME!


What is CIZE hair

#CIZEhair Contest DETAILS & RULES !

  • Post your #CIZEhair in one of our Private Challenge Groups = 1 Ballot
  • Post your #CIZEhair on a) Your FB Profile  b) Your FB Fan Page    c) Your Instgram  = 2 Ballots
  • SHARE THIS BLOG on social media = 5 BONUS Ballots
  • You MUST have an active BOD (Beachbody on Demand) account.  (Duh, how else are you going to CIZE!?)
  • You MUST use the #CIZEhair hashtag on your photo or video.  Also, tag ME in it so I know you did it (My personal FB, My ThankFit FB Fan Page, OR My ThankFit Instagram @thankfit)
  • Contest is open until Friday July 10th 2015
  • ANYONE in the USA or Canada can play!



Again, if you don’t have your access to Beachbody On Demand yet, get your 30 day free trial HERE!  Is your 30 days already up?  Don’t fret my dancing fool, BOD is super affordable at only $13/m and will get you in the best shape of your life!  Grab your 30 Day Free Trial (which includes your CIZE access) below!


Try Cize for free Canada


I can’t wait to see your CRAZY Cize Hair selfies and videos!   Keep em coming guys!!!!

As always, Trevor and I are here to answer any of your questions, get you into our FREE private Challenge Groups for added support, and to keep you in the loop when CIZE and other new programs are launched.  Make sure you stay connected with us!  Enter your email below to stick with us on your health and fitness journey.  We don’t send out emails very often, but when we do, they are JAM PACKED with all the tips, tricks, hacks and fun stuff that you love.




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