What is the ‘Change Your Life Challenge’?


To sum it up, it’s a support group paired with an online fitness class, run by US!  We set you up with access to the hottest fitness programs.   You give us 30 days, we give you a new outlook on life with a tighter booty to match!

We run these groups throughout the year and the popularity of them has SURE caught on!  We have had over 2,000 participants so far this year and they are getting REMARKABLE results. 🙂


Our ‘Change Your Life Challenge’ features:

  • Over 200+ of the worlds best workout videos, streaming on any device you want, unlimited
  • Demo’s of the BRAND spanking new fitness programs, SOME not even available to the public yet!
  • Meal Planning and Nutrition Guides you can download and keep forever
  • Confidence Building & Personal Development
  • Relationship Tools & Lifestyle Coaching
  • Trevor and Kashlee as your personal Coaches to help you live a happier life!


We workout, we eat right and we celebrate – DAILY! 

Get in the NEXT Group!

Save Your Spot NOW

How much are you thinking this group would cost?

You are going to be pleasantly surprised….

$40 for 90 Days


That is cheaper than any gym membership, any personal trainer, or any home workout system on the planet!


Get 90 Day's Access

Grab it HERE

First timer?


We love paying it forward to new clients who want into our challenge!  If this is your first time with us, you are eligible to not only try out our ‘Change Your Life Challenge’ group in FULL for free, but you also get ALL the videos and meal planners for free too!  


Head on over to the ‘Free Fitness’ page to get all the details! 




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