Buy NEW Shakeology BOOSTS in Canada

Buy NEW Shakeology BOOSTS in Canada

It was like Christmas in July yesterday when Beachbody announced their new BOOSTS are available to buy in Canada!


What are Shakeology BOOSTS and why do you want them?

They are 3 different ‘add ons’ to your favorite beverage that you can customize to fit your EXACT health needs.  We all love a little customization in life!

So what is your deal?

  • Are you feeling sluggish at work and sick of drowning yourself in coffee?
  • Are you a little… ahemm.. backed up?
  • Perhaps you never listened to your mother and are STILL not eating your vegetables?


For any (or all) of these common issues, Boosts are here to save the day with: Focused Energy Boost, Digestive Health Boost and Power Greens Boost!


Buy NEW Shakeology Boosts in Canada



“I am SO tired I can’t even think about working out, and I wish I could make a fort under my desk for some serious napping!”

You need: Focused Energy Boost!  Focused Energy Boost Canada

The Focused Energy Boost has 100mg of caffeine (calm down it’s healthy) from natural sources like green tea and guarana.  This will give you the PICK ME UP you are looking for, without the jitters and the crash.  If you need alertness, energy, stamina, focus and clarity, this is your boost!  Of course there are no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives in it, so you can enjoy without the worry.  Key ingredients are: Guarana, Ginseng, Rhodiola and Lion’s Mane. 




“I can’t poop!  I tried coffee… I tried fruit… I am about to eat 20 prunes… HELP!”

You need:  Digestive Health Boost  Digestive Health Boost Shakeology Canada

The Digestive Health Boost has 7 grams of fiber per scoop to give you some help where you need it!  How does it work effectively?  Well, it has both soluble and insoluble fiber, which basically means, it helps your tummy get active and also has bits left over to help scrub the stuff that has been collecting in you.  Yuck!  Using this frequently will help you STAY regular and improve your digestion all around. Key ingredients are: Chia, Flax, Pea Fibre, Psyllium Husk.




“I have not been eating my veggies.  In fact, the closest thing to ‘greens’ I’ve had was a lime margarita!”

You need: Power Greens Boost  Power Greens Boost Canada

The Power Greens boost gives you a FULL serving of super dense, leafy, wondrous green vegetables!  You know you need them, but chomping down on bland greens can be a difficult task at times.  This will help you regulate your alkaline levels (as we tend to be WAY to acidic), give you the phytonutrients you need for healthy cell reproduction, and give you an extra BLAST of vitamins & minerals you’ve been missing out on. Key ingredients are: Kale, Spirulina, Chorella, Spinach. 



Buy NEW Shakeology BOOSTS in Canada Buy NEW Shakeology Boosts in Canada

**Tip for ordering!  Shipping is SUPER cheap when you choose an ‘HD’ order (which means home direct) If you don’t want it coming every month, just stop it.  It will save you some bucks!**


Buy Focused Energy Boost 

Shakeology Boosts Energy Beachbody



Buy Digestive Health Boost

Beachbody Digestive Health Boost



Buy Power Greens Boost

Power Greens Boost Beachbody Canada



Check out what celebrity trainer Tony Horton has to say about the new Shakeology Boosts:


Are you reading this from the USA?  Here is how YOU can grab some BOOSTS:

Click the type of Boost you are looking for 🙂

Focused Energy Boost (USA) 

Digestive Health Boost (USA)  

Power Greens Boost (USA)


You can add these Boosts to Shakeology, a fruit smoothie, when you are juicing, or really any other drink you want to add a little extra health too!  Use them separately or all together, up to you!


This Boosty message was brought to you by, Coach Kashlee 🙂  Follow me on Facebook


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