Become A Beachbody Coach in Canada

Become A Beachbody Coach in Canada

Apply to Become A Beachbody Coach in Canada!

Are you beginning to wonder what all of this Beachbody Coach buzz is all about? Well,  I am going to outline what a Beachbody Coach is and why you might be the right fit to become part of our team!  If after checking out all this information, you believe you would make a great coach, there is an application at the bottom of the page!

Apply to become a beachbody coach


What our Canadian Beachbody Coaching Team DOES!

Our Beachbody Coaching team, ‘The Freedom Fanatics’ is a group of motivated individuals who provide support, motivation and encouragement to people on a daily basis to help them achieve the health and fitness goals.  I provide free coaching advice and support to people who are enrolled as my customer or coach with a FREE Team Beachbody account.  My job as a coach is to help clients set realistic health and fitness goals.  Then, together we create an action plan, broken down into small, do-able chunks.  It is a combo of motivation, support, meal planning, healthy ideas, staying active and just pumping each other up!  Everything that we need to be successful is right here within our Beachbody family.  We help people select the RIGHT fitness program that will work well for their bodies, the correct nutrition for energy and weight loss and even a path where they can in turn, learn how to coach others.

We host monthly Challenge Groups for some of our top programs, which we find gives our clients the BEST results, as they are connecting with other Challengers in real time.  The Challenge Groups are inspirational and gives me satisfaction knowing I am helping to change someones life!


Where Does A Beachbody Coach Work From?

Amazingly, we all get to work from home!  Yep, some days I am literally talking to clients in my Jim-Jams 🙂  Myself as a team leader, as well as Beachbody, provides our Coaches with ALL the tools you need to to successful while working from home.  I don’t mean some of the tools and a slight nudge in the right direction, I mean everything you need and all the training you want, to completely knock it out the park!

When you are building a Beachbody business, it is important to also be involved with your community, so it’s not entirely from your living room!  Our team takes part in Super Saturdays (a live free local workout and get together), galas, trade shows, local events, etc.  We also like to get together as often as we can to drink some wine and just hang out with each other.


Let’s Talk CASH, What Does a Beachbody Coach Make?

Yes, it is okay to have a money conversation.  There is absolutely no shame in getting paid for helping people.  Doctors get paid to save lives,  lawyers get paid to represent their clients, nutritionists get paid to advise their customers and Beachbody coaches get paid to transform the lives and bodies of their clients and teams every single week.  That is right, you are paid WEEKLY.

  • You receive a handsome percentage off of the products/services you share and the lives you touch.  (25%-50%)
  • You get a nice discount on products for yourself!  (25% off! YAY!!)
  • You never, ever have to carry inventory
  • You can build a team of coaches yourself and start to build an amazing residual income from their collective efforts. (I like making money when I am sleeping!  How about you?)
  • There are TONS of team bonuses, quarterly bonuses, free trips, swag, contests and prizes given out constantly!

You don’t have to take my word for it, you can check out the average income earnings disclosure right here!


The best part of being a Beachbody coach, is you are never coming off as ‘sales-ey’.  People all over North America are SEARCHING for ways to be more fit, lose weight and improve their health.  Think about the last time you did not hear someone talk about fitness or health at least once in your day.  People know the products, people love the products and people end up THANKING you for changing their lives because of the products.


Of course all your questions cannot be answered in one blog, so please, add me as a friend on Facebook and send me a message for more info!

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Watch this video below that summarizes what a Beachbody Coach is, before submitting your information below!

APPLY NOW to be a part of our BEACHBODY TEAM in Canada!


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Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings located in the Coach Online Office for the most recent information on our Coaches’ actual incomes. Click HERE for the income disclaimer.



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  1. I can say this, if I became a beachbody coach, all my friends would be jealous of my body, and my husband would not be able to keep his hands off me, lol. There seems to be quite a few advantages to being fit for a living!

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