What Does A Beachbody Coach DO? 5 Day Sneak Peek!

What Does A Beachbody Coach DO?  5 Day Sneak Peek!

What does a Beachbody Coach do?


It’s no mystery, but people always like to get a sneak peek into another way of life, especially before they try it themselves!

If you personally know me, you must be wondering what it is I ACTUALLY do everyday? Wondering HOW I am able to help people AND help my family get in a better financial position? AND WHY I am SO PASSIONATE about sharing this opportunity with as many people as possible?



MORE IMPORTANTLY…Are you wondering if YOU are cut out for Beachbody coaching? If the answer is YES, I have the coolest, free, no obligation option for you!!!



I am so passionate about helping people make their lives better and achieve their dreams but I find that people reject what they don’t understand EVEN if it could be the best thing that ever happened to them!!! SO, I am making it easy for you!!! I am running a 5 Day Coaching Sneak Peak group FOR FREE with Amy and Lindy!! We will answer the questions you always wanted to know!!! (SIGN UP HERE)



The most popular questions we get & ones we will be covering are:


  • What does a Beachbody coach do?
  • How do you make money?
  • Do you need any fitness experience?
  • What roles do I have if I am a coach?
  • Are there a certain number of hours I have to work?
  • Is it a pyramid scheme?
  • Can you do this from home?

….And much, much more!!!

 What Does A Beachbody Coach Do?

Just sign up for your FREE Beachbody account RIGHT HERE, then message me HERE, and I will send you the link to secure your spot!  We are starting this SNEAK PEEK on Wednesday November 5th 2014, so notify me as soon as possible.  (Note- If you found this blog after the fact, we are going to be running more in the future.  Please MESSAGE ME & ask when the next date is!)


We have also found that many people think Beachbody coaching may not be for them because they have a small personal network, are not in the best shape of their lives, don’t want to ‘sell’ their friends and are timid to start the journey.  We cover these topics as well, because most of them are non issues when you get all of the information on what Beachbody Coaching is really about!


When I was presented with the opportunity to become a Beachbody coach, I must admit, I stalled.  I did NOT jump right in.  I talked it over with the coach who reached out to me for about 2 weeks, did tons of online research and compared the company to its competitors.  What did I dig up?  Well, I found enough positive information that lead me to make the best decision of my entire life!  I signed up as a coach and I have not looked back since.  Some people decide to do this part time, but not me, I wanted in full time!  I was looking for a company that had superior products, a great compensation plan and that could allow me to travel and still be making money.  I cannot be tied down to a cubicle, I HAVE to live each day to the fullest.  Becoming a coach allows me all of those freedoms, the security of a good income, plus the ability to literally transform lives!  How cool is that?


Our Sneak Peek is all about answers, no obligation, just information that could potentially change your entire life!  Will you be joining us?




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