What is a Beachbody Challenge Group?

What is a Beachbody Challenge Group?

If you have had your ear to the ground in the fitness world at all lately, you might have heard the words ‘Challenge Group’ come up several times.

So what is a Beachbody Challenge Group?

It is the best thing to happen to home fitness!



Beachbody, makers of P90X,  started out selling their programs on store shelves.  They did incredibly well with it, however they were noticed something along the way.  Some people had a hard time staying motivated, on schedule and holding themselves accountable when doing their fitness program.  Beachbody decided to add a wave of individual sales reps, called Coaches, to make sure each and every client was using the program to it’s full potential.  Now every workout program sold comes with access to a Coach!  Your coach is there to help listen to your needs, talk about your goals and keep you motivated and on course so you can weigh in with a smile on your face.


To take it a step further, many Coaches run Challenge Groups for their clients on Facebook to make the weight loss journey much more fun.  There is a separate Challenge Group for different programs (Like 21 Day Fix, T-25, PiYo, etc) and they can have anywhere from 5 to 200 participants in them at any given time!  Very popular programs might have several happening a month, like we do for the ’21 Day Fix’ in September, with 4 in total happening!

So what is the benefit of joining a Challenge Group?



  • Accountability.  Many users of Beachbody fitness programs are doing them alone, in their own homes.  It can be hard to give yourself a kick in the rear to pop in the workout and get it done.  The Challenge Group’s leader and other participants will help to hold you to your goals!


  • Support.  I don’t just mean the support of your Coach, but the support of the other people in the group, who are just like you!  They are starting the same program you are starting, on the very same day.  There is something very powerful about having a group of people who are going through the very same things that you are.


  • Friendship.  You will make friends in your group!  You end up swapping ideas, recipes, words of encouragement and before/after pics with people you meet in your Challenge.


  • Healthy Meals.  Your leader will post many meal ideas that you can whip up during your challenge!  Never again will you have to say “I don’t know what to have for dinner!”


  • Guaranteed Results.  Beachbody’s programs come with a 30 day -100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.  They offer this because they KNOW their programs work and that the Challenge Groups offer what people need to see the results they want!


  • Prizes.  Yep, if you take a before/after shot after your Challenge Group, not ONLY do you get a free t-shirt of the program you completed, but you get entered to win some amazing prizes!  They award $500 daily, $1,000 weekly, $10,000 quarterly and $100,000 annually for prizes.  Imagine winning one of those after you already feel great?


  • Huge discount.  When you purchase a Challenge Pack to participate in the group with, you are saving a TON of cash compared to buying it all separately.


My team of Coaches have many Challenge Groups happening right now, including our final round in September for the ’21 Day Fix’ happening on Sept 29th 2014!  Want to join in?  WATCH THE VIDEO on the ’21 Day Fix’ and then MESSAGE ME to see if we have a spot for you!



Wonder what Challenge Groups we have coming up?  We will be having them for P90, T-25, PiYo, Insanity, 21 Day Fix, Body Beast and MORE!  Just ASK ME when the dates are so you can see when your next chance to participate is!







  1. I am not going to give up.
    I am a 69 year old 210lb type 2 diabetic that has just gone through 4 years of surgery’s; lower spine, right hand (fall), Upper spine (fused 3,4 and 5), then extensive rotor cuff surgery ( April of 2014) RT. shoulder (fall). I am used to being fit and like exercising and would like to get back into shape. I want to get down to 185lbs and strengthen my core and my shoulders. I feel I am ready and excited I just do not know what program to start with and what to advance to.

    • Wow Kevin! It sounds like you have been through a LOT! Considering your surgeries, there are a few programs I would recommend for you 🙂
      I will send you an email!

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