Our 60 Day Core De Force Test Group Results

Our 60 Day Core De Force Test Group Results

The last 2 months have been a blast, a learning experience and a wild ride with Core De Force.  We are both in awe of what happens when you actually commit to a program (instead of just casually following something when we felt like it!)  We are just human and of course we have fallen under the same pressure others are under.  Lack of motivation, letting life get in the way, not taking our health seriously, too many cheat meals, the list goes on.

But guess what happened when we stopped dreading workouts & clean eating and starting LOVING how simple it really was to follow? KICK ASS RESULTS!


60 Day Core De Force Test Group Results!

Combined we are down 18lbs and 28 inches.  But those are just the numbers.  We also FEEL a lot different inside and out, which makes a huge difference on how we experience every day!

TREVOR’s 60 Day Core De Force Test Group Results:

Total weight lost: 12lbs

Total inches lost: 18 Inches

Most improved area: Stomach

Biggest non-scale victory: Better sleep

Trevor Kucheran's 60 Day Core De Force Test Group Results

KASHLEE’s 60 Day Core De Force Test Group Results:

Total weight lost: 6lbs

Total inches lost: 10 Inches

Most improved area: Stomach

Biggest non-scale victory: ENERGY levels! (and confidence!)

Core De Force Results Weight Loss 60 Days

Kashlee Parmiter's Core De Force Results Test Group Review

Our Core De Force Test Group Review:

We did write a pretty detailed review of our thoughts, experiences and even food intake in this blog (Our 30 Day Core De Force Review) but we have learned and realized some new things since then!

We like the length of Core De Force Workouts-  The longest workout is 47 minutes and the shortest workout is around the 20 minute mark. This means we were able to fit our workouts into super busy days, especially since we didn’t have to drive/park anywhere!

We ABSOL-FRIKKEN-LUTELY got in a crazy good sweat fest-  If anyone says you can’t get a great workout in at home…I double dare them to do Core De Force for a week and then tell me their updated opinion.

The MIX of the workouts was key-  We did a super cool fight combo for 1 minute, then it switches to a ‘conditioning spike’ for 30 seconds, then back to a combo.  The change and mix up kept it fun while the time ticked down without us even realizing it!

The FOOD- We did not starve.  In fact, the meal plan actually INCREASES food on harder weeks, which was immensely enjoyed by both of us.  We indulged in the occasional cheat meal, went out to Moxie’s and the Keg, did it through Canadian Thanksgiving, and STILL managed to get killer results.  It’s built for real life and does not set you up for failure!

We are not going to lie- It’s a HARD program.  There were moments that we were like ‘WTF!!’, but isn’t that the point?  We were happy to be pushed out of our comfort zone, because if a program is all butterflies and rainbows… it’s NOT going to carve your core.  At all.  It will just be a fancy distraction instead.  With CDF, you spend the time and you GET results because of it’s intensity.  BUT WAIIIIIIITTTTT: That does not mean it’s not for everyone, because it is.  There is a modifier you can follow the entire time that does way less intense moves so that literally anyone at any level can crush this program!

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