6 Things You Need MORE Of Each Day!

6 Things You Need MORE Of Each Day!

Let’s get back to basics.  There are 6 things you need more of each day to strive for overall optimal health.



You already know what they are, but it’s all to easy for us to forget about them with our busy and hectic days.  The good news: you can start to make a change right now and start to see immediate results!  If you are constantly feeling fatigued, depressed, tired, cranky or having trouble concentrating, then you need to listen up!



1) Sleep

When you were younger, you used to get a TON of sleep.  Why?  Your body was growing, you were running around the yard all day and you didn’t have adult responsibilities.  Somewhere along the line, you started to tell yourself a falsehood about how much sleep you need now that you are all grown up. Deadlines, long hours and stress are keeping us awake longer each night and it is taking a toll on our health.

So how much sleep do you need as an adult?  You should always use the 8 hours as a great rule of thumb.  Stop telling yourself 6 hours is enough, it’s not. When you start depriving yourself of sleep night after night, you are left with a ‘sleep debt’ that needs to be repaid if you hope to function properly.

If you have no time to catch the 8 hours your body deserves, then try and fit in a 20 to 30 minute nap mid day.  Napping is not for the lazy, it is for the healthy.  Just catching a few minutes of a sleep cycle will have amazing results on your overall health!


2) Water

I know I am personally guilty of not getting enough water per day!  What effect does that have on my body?  Well, even with mild dehydration, your body begins to feel fatigued, energy levels plummet, brain functions such as problem solving are more difficult to process, lips parch and eyes get heavy.  Ever feel like this mid day?  Go get some water in you!

Adults should have between 2.5 – 3 Litres of water a day.  Yes, you can get some of that from juice, food, even diuretics like coffee, but nothing hydrates like plain water!  Every single system in your body depends on water, so give it what it needs in order to perform at its best!


3) Eye Contact

With everyone these days staring into computer screens, cell phones, highway lanes, TVs and briefing notes, we are loosing a key human experience. Humans are an intensely social creature and we need to have daily human contact including eye contact and physical contact in order to feel fulfilled.

People that give and maintain eye contact are seen as more reliable, warm, sociable, honest, active and dependable.  Whether you are gunning for the big promotion or getting the courage to ask out a new friend, make more eye contact.  Don’t stare, but stop looking around at everything that is going on behind your conversation.  Everyone wants to be heard so give the person in front of you your undivided attention.  Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable by someone looking at everything BUT them when they are trying to communicate.


4) Quiet Time

I cannot recall the last time someone told me that they were NOT busy.  We have a lot going on and in order to have the most productive day we can, we need to have some stillness inside of our minds.  Meditation or quiet time, whatever you want to call it, will clear out your mind so you can have the mental and emotional capacity to face your day.

Even 20 minutes of quiet time per day will enhance your emotional control, reduce anxiety, sharpen concentration, reduce pain, fight depression refresh your mind and make you a more patient person.  Even when life seems like such a panic you cannot imagine taking a time out, that probably means it’s the best time to push ‘pause’ on your day.


5) Physical Movement

Get away from your desk, jump off of the coach and climb out of bed to MOVE THAT BODY!  Recent studies at the Mayo Clinic show that adults with optimal health heart are getting 150 minutes of moderate aerobic and 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity per week, PLUS 2 to 3 strength training sessions per day.

This might sound scary, but strength training can include yoga, a good heavy gardening session or even traditional weight lifting.  Moderate aerobics examples would be a brisk walk, light swimming or a bike ride.  Vigorous aerobics would include things like kickboxing, running, or fast fitness programs.

The general rule of thumb is 30 minutes a day – get it anyway you can!


6) Nutrients

All of the above tips are not complete without putting the right nutrients into our bodies.  No, that ‘salad’ at Mcdonalds is not cutting it.  I don’t care how many franken-veggies are in it, they are not providing your body with what it craves.  You need real vitamins, minerals, organic fruits and vegetables, protein, complex carbs, and essential fats.  How do you expect to feel AMAZING if you are not putting amazing food into your body.

“I eat OKAY” you might say.  Fair enough, but the best you are ever going to feel is OKAY.  Want to feel incredible?  Then invest in putting the best of the best into your body.  If you have time and money, invest in a juicer and grab as many organic greens and veggies that you can.  Experiment with cramming as many foods into one glass as you can, like kale, spinach, mangos, broccoli, goji, coconut, carrots, parsley etc.

If you are short on time and money, start using a proven supplement beverage or shake that contains everything you need to have the healthiest meal of the day.  It should contain your multivitamin, all the veggies and fruits that you would have put in your juicer and enough protein to keep you feeling full.

This is your health and it should be your #1 priority over anything else.


Get more of the 6 things you need everyday and I promise you will feel like a brand new you!


if you want help with your diet or exercise regime,  let me know you what you would like to improve on and I can make suggestions for you






  1. What a great set of rules to follow. I’m as guilty as anyone for being too busy and not taking care of myself as well as I should – normally because I’m too tired to put in the effort, but the crazy thing is – the more you put into looking after yourself, the less fatigued you feel.

    • I actually wrote my Facebook status update on this last night 😉 I said the same thing you did! I was always making excuses, but then I found the more I got in things like exercise, the BETTER I felt, the MORE energy I had, etc. Not the other way around 🙂
      I think its just making habits of some of these things in our everyday life!

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