Our 30 Day ‘Core De Force’ Test Group Results

Our 30 Day ‘Core De Force’ Test Group Results

We can’t believe it’s been 30 days already since we started our Core De Force journey on August 22nd! We carefully documented our 4 weeks so we could bring you some insight on this awesome new MMA workout program coming November 1st, including our results, some examples of what we ate and more!

**Update, since this blog has been written, Core De Force is now available!  Send us an EMAIL or ADD ME as a friend on Facebook to chat about getting started!

If you have no idea what Core De Force is, we wrote a blog on the new program HERE, but it’s a brand new MMA fight inspired workout that incorporates kickboxing, boxing, muay thai and other martial arts to SHRED your core!

 Our 30 Day ‘Core De Force’ Test Group Results!


Total weight lost: 6lbs

Total inches lost: 13 inches

Area most improved: Stomach

Core De Force Results

Trevor’s Core De Force Review:

First off, Core De Force is BADASS!  However, starting out my Core De Force journey at 202lbs was definitely a struggle for me!  I had put on a lot of lean muscle mass with 3 months of weight lifting in the spring and then I put on some ice cream tummy mass from over indulging this summer 😉  I soon found that the more I got used to the moves, the stronger and faster I was at adding speed and rotation through them.  I am really not a coordinated guy at ALL and I was able to do these moves (which means anyone can do them!) No fancy footwork here!

The 3 minute rounds really kept me focused as I knew I could push through until I heard the bell and could re-group (aka- catch my breath!) for the next round.

I think Core De Force is an absolute game changer in the home workout industry.  I call it the ‘Belly Blaster’ because that is exactly what it did for me over the last 4 weeks.  I lost 13 inches in total and much of that was in my core!

I am looking forward to seeing what this next round does for me!

Trevor’s Core De Force Nutrition:

(Being that the nutrition portion of the program is not yet public knowledge, I can’t talk about my full meal plan, but I wanted to mention some things I could not go without!)

Energize:  This stuff is a god send for me!  I am not a coffee drinker at all and I usually hate the jittery feeling after most pre-workouts but Energize doesn’t have that nasty effect whatsoever.  2 scoops about 10 minutes before every Core De Force workout kept me pumped up, ready to rock and gave me the energy I needed to not stop until the workout was over.

Shakeology:  Every. Single. Day.  I will never lie and say Core De Force is a simple walk in the park program. Anything that can get me to lose 13 inches in 30 days is going to be a challenge and I needed to make sure that I was giving my body the right superfoods to handle the demands.

Treats:  I can proudly say that I did stick to my plan and cut out all the ice cream I was indulging with before the test group.  Seeing my first glimpse of results made it easier for me to stay on the right path!  I did however keep quite a balanced diet that did incorporate carbs like pasta, fresh fruits and even cheese!


Total weight lost: 4.6lbs

Total inches lost: 8.75 inches

Area most improved: Stomach

Beachbody Core De Force Results



Female Core De Force Results Kashlee

Kashlee’s Core De Force Review:

If you read our blog about starting Core De Force, you will remember how worried I was about my arch enemy in life…..CARDIO!  So how did I fare?  Pretty well I have to admit!  I was dreading the cardio, but to be honest, the cool moves and combos kept my brain so busy (and feeling like a superhero) that I kind of forgot how much cardio I was actually doing.

One of my favorite parts of Core De Force was learning some actual mixed martial arts moves, some ground work and even some defence.  Like the name suggests, EVERYTHING in this revolves around your core.  I had sore abs for days when we first started and then after the soreness the summer bloat dropped and some definition starting showing up!  Something I wasn’t quite expecting was the body weight training workouts.  At first I was a little timid of them (as I don’t have much upper body strength!) but I was soon pretty pumped at how much strength I gained after only doing them a few times.  The strength you get from holding up your own body weight is SO different from the strength you get by lifting weights.

All in all, I am really impressed with how drastic my results were in my mid section.  It’s ALWAYS been such a trouble area for me and I couldn’t believe how fast my core started to show definition.

Kashlee’s Core De Force Nutrition:

Because I am not technically an official part of the test group, (Trevor is), I did not follow the Core De Force meal plan that was provided, but I did keep it within the particular calorie range I should have for my weight.  Since I did not use the top secret plan, I can share a little more of what I ate during the last 30 days!

Energize & Shakeology:  Just like Trevor, these were 100% non-negotiable for me.   I really have to shout from the rooftops (in the most non-biased way I can) that having Shakeo every single day makes SO MUCH of a difference.  It is my rock and my absolute go-to.  I would never even think of doing this program without it and I know it contributed in a MAJOR way to my results.

Calorie Range:  I stayed around the 1700 calories a day range during the entire 30 days.  Yes, sometimes it might have been a bit higher, but likely I never went under 1600.  I am 5’9 and I run a fast metabolism and personally for me I get light headed if I dip under 1500 calories, so 1600 is my buffer zone.

Did I low carb?:  I would say around 60g-120g of carbs per day.  Sometimes I would have whole wheat wraps around chicken fajitas, quinoa or black bean pasta, salads with black beans, corn thins with natural nut butters, natural/organic fruits like grapefruit and raspberries, and Quest bars.  All of these things I would consider a ‘clean carb’ and good for my diet.  I stayed FAR away from ANY white breads, white pastas, white rice, any processed carbs, sugary cereals, sugary granolas, fruit juices, bakery items, refined items, etc.

Typical Breakfast: Chocolate Vegan Shakeology with a TSP of natural nut butter

Typical Lunches: Cesar salad (no croutons, natural high fat dressing, light on the cheese), free range eggs with turkey bacon and mushrooms with herb goat cheese, Super 7 salads, homemade chicken salad with no wrap, greek yogurt (no sugar) with vanilla, low sugar museli and organic raspberries, Amy’s organic vegan burrito bowl (frozen).

Typical Dinners: Trevor’s power turkey meatloaf, Mexican taco meat with ground turkey in lettuce wraps, quinoa stuffed bell peppers with chicken, chicken breast stuffed with broccoli or asparagus and a bit of cheddar, cod with steamed veggies & side salad, Jamie Oliver veggie burgers with half whole wheat sun (open faced), quinoa/brown rice/black bean pasta with arrabbiata sauce and veggies.

On the GO:  Always my go-to, Quest Bars

TREATS AND CHEATS: I will be honest here!  I had 2 small glasses of dry red wine each weekend (Fri & Sat), I did attack a container of fuzzy peaches one evening, and I had a mini plate of nachos with melted cheese once a week, and I had 1 square of 80% dark chocolate once a week as well.  For eating out during the month: I had an egg McMuffin at McDonalds, a Greek feta wrap and sweet potato fries at Moxies.

****** I tried to be REAL and have a REAL LIFE so that I don’t keep falling off the wagon.  I know that if I don’t allow cheat meals, I will just de-rail myself completely later on.  I really liked this program because it allowed for me to take our team to lunch at Moxie’s one day, it allowed for a few glasses of wine, and I didn’t have to feel like a criminal by living my life!  This is SOOOOOOO important to me going forward.  I want my fitness/health to live harmoniously beside the rest of my life.******

Our 30 Day ‘Core De Force’ Test Group Results -Final Word:

We loved it.  We are embarking on another round today (ending Oct 21st) and we can’t wait to share what will then be our 60 DAY RESULTS with all of you!


Want to get your own Core De Force results?

We would be happy to talk about your goals and the different options.  Just EMAIL us or find us on Facebook!




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