Do the 21 Day Fix Containers Really Work?

Do the 21 Day Fix Containers Really Work?

We have all seen diet fads come and go since the height of popularity of the ‘infomercial’, so sometimes it takes a bit of research to see what is just a fitness trend, and what will actually help hit our size and weight goals.

The 21 Day Fix has recently become one of the BIGGEST sellers in it’s category, and even has it’s companion cookbook ‘Fixate’ launching this month. The hybrid nutritional/exercise program uses color coded containers to make portion control and calorie counting a breeze.  For the busy mom who has no time, right down to the total newbie to healthy eating, the 21 Day Fix Containers are designed to take out ALL the guess work, time, and frustration with meal prep.


With all the 21 Day Fix hype, the question I wanted answered was: Do the 21 Fix Containers Really Work?


Before we look into both sides of the equation, let’s take a look at the 21 Day Fix Containers themselves to see how they work.


The 21 Day Fix Containers: Sizes and Uses

Green Container – Vegetables = 1 Cup

Purple Container – Fruits = 1 Cup

Red Container – Protein = 3/4 Cup

Yellow Container – Carbs = 1/2 Cup

Blue Container Cheese & Healthy Fats = 1/3 Cup

Orange Containers (2) – Dressing & Seeds & Oils = 2 TBSPs


How many containers you use for each color is based on calculating your Calorie Level.  You a) Your current weight in pounds x 11 = Caloric Baseline  b) That number (caloric baseline) + 400 = Caloric Needs  c) Your Caloric Needs number – 750 (to create a deficit) = Your Calorie Target.

There are 4 different Calorie levels based on what you need.

– 1200 to 1499

– 1500 to 1799

– 1800 to 2099

– 2100 to 2300

Here is the chart one would use to see how many of each color coded container they should be having PER DAY to stick inside the 21 Day Fix guidelines:


21 Day Calorie Chart


“YES- The 21 Day Fix Containers DO Work”:


1) It’s simple MATH.  By creating a calorie deficit, you should be losing weight EVEN if your activity level stays the same.  Simple as that.

2) The sheer EASE of them.  Most diets or healthy eating challenges do not work past the first few days because of the extra effort needed of meal planning & meal prep ideas.  The 21 Day Fix containers are color coded, easy to use/wash and 100’s of 21 Day Fix recipes can be found all over the internet.

3) Yes, you can eat that!  The containers don’t tell you that you MUST eat a cup of Kale that day.  They say 1 cup of vegetables, with dozens of options.  Without having to grocery shop for extra specialty items, or learn how to cook things you have never had before, you get to EAT what you LIKE.  If it fits, you eat it!

4) The education.  Even though the 21 Day Fix Container system is super easy, you end up learning about portion control and healthy eating recipes that will follow you around for years to come.  Being healthy is a LIFESTYLE and not a fad, so the system teaches you how to maintain after you have hit your goal weight.

5) The results don’t lie.  THOUSANDS of people have posted their amazing transformation results using the 21 Day Fix Containers and fitness system, without compensation whatsoever.

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“NO- The 21 Day Fix Containers DON’T Work”:


1) You can only lead a horse to water.  Some frustrated folks will pepper the internet, HEEDING a special warning for the program, shouting “It doesn’t WORK!  What a rip off!  It’s a SCAM!”  Well, the old saying is true: ‘You can only lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.’  For the 21 Day Fix Container system to work, the participant actually has to follow the guidelines.  You can’t just OWN the containers, have them sit on the counter, and magically drop extra pounds.  Get serious.

2) This can’t go on forever.  What about the people who went UNDER-WEIGHT after doing the program? No, no one should NOT be in a caloric deficit forever.  The 21 Day Fix program is NOT meant to be used AFTER you have already reached your goals.  To maintain your weight, you simply take out step ‘C’ in your caloric calculations to remove the deficit.  Staying on a program with a caloric deficit indefinitely is NOT healthy.

3) It’s more than just eating.  Some people will follow the program to a T, but still not get the results they want.  Even though the nutritional system is excellently constructed,  your body needs to MOVE.  You want to get that heart rate up, introduce some weight training and be consistent with your exercise.


My 21 Day Fix findings?  Do the 21 Day Fix Containers Really Work?  An overwhelming YES.  Yes the 21 Day Fix Containers DO work!


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