Own 2015 with Beachbody’s Insanity MAX 30!

Own 2015 with Beachbody’s Insanity MAX 30!

On Sale Max 30December can be a crazy month for all of us.  We eat to much holiday food, we get stuck in long line-ups at the mall and we down one to many eggnogs.  The snow begins to fall and we begin to hide under blankets in full force hibernation mode!  Cut the crap and get your body moving this winter.  If I had a guaranteed way for you to lean up, build muscle and tone your body, would you do it?  That answer had better be yes and here is how we are going to do it!



With Beachbody’s newest program, Insanity Max 30!



Shaun T is back bitches (his words, not mine!) and he is going to whip that turkey stuffing right out of you with his latest creation.  We all know someone who has done Insanity and has had incredible results and the same is true with Max 30.

In a nut shell, its the toughest 30 minutes of your day that will produce the most insane results of your life.  Give’er hell for 30 minutes and see how long it takes you to MAX OUT!  What is maxing out?  Think of it like tapping out in UFC.  When you get to the point that you just can’t handle it anymore, you MAX OUT, take a breather and write down your time.   Try and improve on it each time you do Max 30, but here is one thing I know for sure, I have yet to meet anyone who can do it the first time, full force, all the way through.  That means, THIS PROGRAM IS GOING TO TRANSFORM YOU!


I dare you to join me in my January 2015 Max 30 Challenge Group for 60 days!

Yep, I will be doing this alongside my clients, everyday, for the full 60 days.  Each day you log into the group, share your MAX OUT time, and watch for the recipes and daily motivational pieces I am posting.  Nothing holds you more accountable to completing the program and your abs will thank me!




Your Max 30 Challenge Pack includes:

1. Low-Impact Modifier makes Insanity Max 30 for all fitness levels
2. 150 New Moves in only 30 minutes a day
3. Front row seat in the Challenge Group with bonus private coaching
4. Portion Control focused nutrition & Meal Planning
5. Balance of cardio and strength training – utilizes Tabata Training for strength
6. ‘No Time To Cook Guide’ shows you how to stay on track on the go (Fast Food, Restaurants, Convenience Stores, Frozen Food)
7. Ab Attack:10 – BONUS 10-min Ab Workout included so you can get Shaun T’s crazy 6-pack Abs.
8. SWEAT FEST: Network Exclusive Bonus Workout
9. 30 Day Supply of Shakeology (Available in 6 flavors)


So what are you waiting for?  If you sincerely want to be cut and sexy for 2015, this is the fastest and best way to get you there.  There is a 30 money back guarantee, even if you drank every last Shakeology, so stop making excuses and secure your spot in my Challenge Group!


buymax30usa buy max 30 canada               Of course, if you have questions about your health, the group, injuries you may have, or dietary concerns, I am available to answer your questions one-on-one 🙂  Just EMAIL ME HERE, or you can SEND ME A FACEBOOK MESSAGE HERE.


Video on Insanity Max 30 – MUST WATCH!




  1. Hello,

    I live in Johannesburg, South Africa and would like to purchase the basic 12 cd package.
    Please advise if possible to send via DHL?

    • Hi Roberto! Thank you for visiting! Yes, you can order them to South Africa, no problem. Simply email: [email protected] and tell them:
      1) Reference ‘Coach ID 461733’
      2) Your address
      3) That you would like the basic Max 30 package
      They will email you back with the cost including shipping and estimated shipping date. You can decide from that email if you would like to go forward with it!
      Let me know if you need any help!
      -Coach Kashlee

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