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That’s RIGHT! Team Beachbody is launching Shakeology, Performance, Challenge Packs, All Fitness Programs, and COACHING into the UK this FALL 2017!

We are so excited to not only spend time in the UK meeting all of you, but also to be able to spread this incredible opportunity of health, light and love into such an amazing country! We have already had lots of inquires on details like how to become a Coach in the UK, how to buy Shakeology in the UK and more.  Our latest BLOG gives all those details and we are also connecting with you about any questions you have.

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Hi! 🙂 Our passion is helping people UPGRADE their lives.

 ‘Upgrading’ will be different to each visitor of this site, but at the end of the day it is about having a happier and healthier life.

For some, that means upgrading their health for more energy, learning how to eat better, successful meal planning with a busy schedule or even a weight loss goal. Other people want to learn about upgrading their finances  for less debt, less worries about makings ends meet, longer vacations with a first class flight, a larger savings account or just more time to spend with their families.

Helping people realize their TRUE potential is what drives us, showing people how to upgrade their life is what defines us.  

We lead by example, both in health and lifestyle.  We love fitness, nutrition and most of all, working for ourselves.  You will likely find us poolside with our laptops or on a flight to a far away land!  Our home base is in gorgeous Kelowna, BC – but you can usually find us on a flight somewhere or hanging out in Mexico!  


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We’re always keeping you up to date on new products launches, healthy lifestyle tips, personal development and what’s going on in the life of Trevor and Kashlee!  Follow us on our current journey in ECUADOR! 

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Who we are

I guess you could call us freedom junkies!  We both could not STAND the idea of being stuck in a cubicle our entire lives, so we made the entire world our office 🙂 You can also follow our journey on our new site www.traveloffpath.com

Shakeology is NOW in the UK!

You heard that right United Kingdom, SHAKEOLOGY is now in the UK! Buy SHAKEOLOGY Here Since BOD launched in the UK 2 years ago, there has been a record breaking amount of workouts streamed and kilograms lost…but one thing was missing: SHAKEOLOGY!Shakeology is a full meal replacement, a major dose of dense nutrition, and oh… did we mention it actually tastes amazing!? (I wouldn’t drink something for 4 years straight that didn’t!!) It’s healthy, in fact, it will likely be your healthiest meal of the day. We are talking superfoods, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, protein, fruits, veggies, fibre and everything else your body NEEDS, but might not be getting from the food you eat.If you have ever had a problem with staying on track, feeling full, and craving sweets; then Shakeology is exactly what you will need to turn it all around and finally hit those goals!  It’s not ALL about weight loss and trying to achieve that ‘perfect’ body- it’s more about feeling good inside and out knowing you are treating your body the way it wants to be. Fitting into your jeans is just a bonus!Have you seen the transformations happening in the United States and Canada? That is the power of Shakeology paired with Beachbody’s world class workouts making an indestructible team of healthy weight loss.  Now it’s time to have your own transformation by adding Shakeology to your daily eating plan!  What flavours of Shakeology are available in the UK? The flavours of Shakeology that have launched in the UK are:ChocolateStrawberryVanillaVegan Chocolate (my personal favourite!) BUY NOW How do I buy Shakeology in the UK?  Shakeology has now launched in...

Become a Team Beachbody Coach in the UK

Become a Team Beachbody Coach in the UK!! That’s right!  It’s OFFICIAL! Team Beachbody and the Beachbody Coaching opportunity has LAUNCHED in the UK. The official LAUNCH DATE for Team Beachbody Coaching in the UK is: October 19th 2017Many of you have already been searching the internet asking questions like: What is Beachbody Coaching? How do I become a Coach in the UK? and When can people in the UK sign up to be a Coach?This is your in depth guide on How to Become a Team Beachbody Coach in the UK! "What is a Team Beachbody Coach?" A Team Beachbody Coach is a friend, a supporter, a motivator and a cheerleader who helps others get into the best shape of their lives.  A Coach runs online (or in person!) challenge groups to help keep others on track, stay accountable to their own journeys and in turn make a career out of doing so! A Team Beachbody Coach is a vital role in motivating others to feel more positive about themselves.  Coaching is a fantastic way to help at the ground level, make a real difference in the lives of others and keep you focused on your own goals.  Why did Team Beachbody launch in the UK? Team Beachbody launched in the UK due to HIGH demand for their famous programs like P90x, Insanity, Core De Force, 21 Day Fix and other popular workouts. Since so many people in the UK started to have great results with Beachbody’s workouts, they decided to launch the Team Beachbody Coaching opportunity in the UK so everyone can get even more support and success. There is another and...

Find us at our new site ‘TravelOffPath.com’

Thankfit started as a place where we could share the details of our personal fitness journeys, our upcoming virtual bootcamps and the latest health news to our followers, but that is just one side of who we are! Our new blog TravelOffPath.com  shares the more personal side of our interests in travel, a nomadic and minimalist lifestyle and our debt freedom journey. While we will always be using this page for more fitness/health/workout based things (such as the incredible news that Beachbody plans on launching into an international market this year!), we will be sharing the majority of our personal lives on TravelOffPath   Like this:Like Loading...Comments...

Beachbody Coaching International Launch UK 2017

*UPDATED* Team Beachbody has officially announced they will be launching the Coaching opportunity in the UK in FALL 2017!  Not only does this mean residents of the UK will have the ability to become a Coach, but the entire UK will benefit from having access TO a Coach, the amazing Beachbody Programs, and Shakeology! So the BIG reveal is: Beachbody Coaching International Launch UK is happening FALL 2017! Our Team is already rockin the U.S. and Canada and we can’t wait to expand!  The UK is about to have access to BOD (Beachbody on Demand), programs like 21 Day Fix, Core De Force, Insanity, superfoods like Shakeology, and the ability to Become a Coach and work from home! Trevor and I get contacted ALL the time by people in different countries around the world wanting access to Beachbody on Demand, fitness programs, Shakeology, and especially the Coaching opportunity.  We always have our fingers crossed for them, as currently we are only able to work with people living in Canada and the USA, so it’s going to be wonderful welcoming the UK with open arms! In other (older) international news, since BOD (Beachbody on Demand) launched in the UK last year, we have also been able to accommodate UK clients into our Challenge Groups and Online Boot Camps!  (If you are currently in the UK, you are eligible for access to BOD with all the streaming workouts!! Get set up with your FREE BOD trial in the UK HERE The news of this launch has us on cloud nine because we are crazy excited to be able to truly change more lives than ever!...

Our 60 Day Core De Force Test Group Results

The last 2 months have been a blast, a learning experience and a wild ride with Core De Force.  We are both in awe of what happens when you actually commit to a program (instead of just casually following something when we felt like it!)  We are just human and of course we have fallen under the same pressure others are under.  Lack of motivation, letting life get in the way, not taking our health seriously, too many cheat meals, the list goes on. But guess what happened when we stopped dreading workouts & clean eating and starting LOVING how simple it really was to follow? KICK ASS RESULTS!   60 Day Core De Force Test Group Results! Combined we are down 18lbs and 28 inches.  But those are just the numbers.  We also FEEL a lot different inside and out, which makes a huge difference on how we experience every day! TREVOR’s 60 Day Core De Force Test Group Results: Total weight lost: 12lbs Total inches lost: 18 Inches Most improved area: Stomach Biggest non-scale victory: Better sleep KASHLEE’s 60 Day Core De Force Test Group Results: Total weight lost: 6lbs Total inches lost: 10 Inches Most improved area: Stomach Biggest non-scale victory: ENERGY levels! (and confidence!) Our Core De Force Test Group Review: We did write a pretty detailed review of our thoughts, experiences and even food intake in this blog (Our 30 Day Core De Force Review) but we have learned and realized some new things since then! We like the length of Core De Force Workouts-  The longest workout is 47 minutes and the shortest workout is around...

Core De Force Review, Results, Launch Date & Test Group

Core De Force is Beachbody’s latest workout that is definitely packing a PUNCH!  With the official release date happening on Oct 31st 2016, your FIGHT for a better body is just around the corner!   **UPDATE: Launch just happened!  Scroll to the bottom to get set up with your copy NOW before they sell out!**** We have ALL the details you will EVER want to know with: Trevor & Kashlee’s Core De Force Review, Results, Launch Date & Test Group     Core De Force Reviews: We are just about to complete 60 days in the Core De Force Test group (results and review for that coming SOON!) but we did learn a lot in our first 30 round! Core De Force is an intense workout.  It would be on par with Insanity or P90x!  However, because there is an amazing low impact modifier to follow, ANYONE is able to do this workout. You do not need ANY equipment for Core De Force.  At all! The moves are easy to get used to (even if the first time is a little tricky)  I am really not a coordinated guy at ALL and I was able to do these moves (which means anyone can do them!) No fancy footwork here! This workout targets the CORE unlike any other workout we have done to date. Kashlee was dreading the cardio, but to be honest, the cool moves and combos kept her brain so busy (and feeling like a superhero) that she kind of forgot how much cardio she was actually doing.     Trevor and Kashlee’s 30 Day Core De Force Results: Trevor Total...

Pumpkin Spice Latte – Good or Bad? The Truth about the PSL!

When the leaves start to turn color, Starbucks brings back everyone’s favorite fall drink,the Pumpkin Spice Latte.  It’s been getting a lot of press, heat and attention on what it’s actually made with and we wanted to take a closer look to help figure out: Pumpkin Spice Latte – Good or Bad?  The Truth about the PSL!  But first, I just want to mention… we are NOT angels, judgemental health freaks, or anything in between.  We dig into the nutrition of things like the PSL in order to educate ourselves and our readers about crap lurking inside their cups! It’s about awareness, not perfection.  Good or Bad?  The verdict: BAD When we looked closer into the Pumpkin Spice Latte, I can’t say we were happy about what we found.  We had 3 major issues with this drink (and actually, most of the Starbucks lineup) Unreasonable levels of SUGAR I took one of the most popular orders that barristas are hearing: “Grande, nonfat, whip” and checked out the cals, carbs and grams of sugars.  It’s BRUTAL.  51 grams of Sugar.  In a drink.   To put this into perspective: An apple has 10g’s of sugar, an actual piece of pumpkin pie contains 25g’s and a Snickers chocolate bar has 47g’s.  This one grande, non-fat drink takes the cake. Why is this a problem?  Sugar triggers the hypothalamus like cocaine or heroine with a big rushing wave of dopamine.  Think that feeling could be addictive? YOU BET!  In fact, researchers and doctors are starting to see a rise in non-alcohol liver disease.  Pumping that much sugar into your bloodstream on a...

Our 30 Day ‘Core De Force’ Test Group Results

We can’t believe it’s been 30 days already since we started our Core De Force journey on August 22nd! We carefully documented our 4 weeks so we could bring you some insight on this awesome new MMA workout program coming November 1st, including our results, some examples of what we ate and more! **Update, since this blog has been written, Core De Force is now available!  Send us an EMAIL or ADD ME as a friend on Facebook to chat about getting started! If you have no idea what Core De Force is, we wrote a blog on the new program HERE, but it’s a brand new MMA fight inspired workout that incorporates kickboxing, boxing, muay thai and other martial arts to SHRED your core!  Our 30 Day ‘Core De Force’ Test Group Results! Trevor Total weight lost: 6lbs Total inches lost: 13 inches Area most improved: Stomach Trevor’s Core De Force Review: First off, Core De Force is BADASS!  However, starting out my Core De Force journey at 202lbs was definitely a struggle for me!  I had put on a lot of lean muscle mass with 3 months of weight lifting in the spring and then I put on some ice cream tummy mass from over indulging this summer 😉  I soon found that the more I got used to the moves, the stronger and faster I was at adding speed and rotation through them.  I am really not a coordinated guy at ALL and I was able to do these moves (which means anyone can do them!) No fancy footwork here! The 3 minute rounds really kept...

Beachbody and Joel & Jericho’s CORE DE FORCE MMA Workout

Get ready to FIGHT with Beachbody and Joel & Jericho’s CORE DE FORCE MMA Workout ***UPDATE!  The Launch has just happened!  Scroll to the bottom of this blog for your options to purchase Core De Force!!!***** This prime fitness news was JUST ANNOUNCED at Beachbody’s Summit in Nashville July 28th 2016 and already people are wanting to know how they can be one of the first to try Core De Force! Joel & Jericho, (from Les Mills Pump & Combat), is switching things up to bring some SERIOUS FIGHT to home workouts with Core De Force!  Get ready to fire up your metabolism, burn calories, and melt away unwanted pounds while you fight your way through rounds with the trainers!  (Anyone else going to pretend they are in a Rocky fight scene?!) This is NOT plain jane kickboxing, Core De Force will feature workouts that are 30 minutes long, with CORE rotational movements to melt off the weight and reshape your ABS, toning and tightening your shoulders, arms, legs, and booty.  Core De Force is going to BLAST away the fat, knock down serious weight and carve your entire core!  The workouts feature 3 minute rounds, just like a traditional boxing match, that will spike your heart rate to get a great burn, all while feeling like a BADASS!  Core De Force comes with Autumn Calabrese’s famous portion control containers that were first introduced in ’21 Day Fix’ and have been one of the most popular nutrition programs in recent history!  They are no brainer, color coded containers so you don’t have to count calories and can keep eating the foods you love.  If...

Top 5 EASY Meal Prep & Meal Planning Tips

We have been asking our clients what their BIGGEST struggle with losing weight or getting healthy is, and they all seem to say the same thing: MEAL PLANNING!  We get it!  I would say we both agree it’s our weak spot as well, but over the years we have developed a system and some helpful tips that keep us in line 😉   Last week we did an entire LIVE episode of ‘Real Talk’ on this very subject: Top 5 EASY Meal Prep & Meal Planning Tips Watch the episode on Facebook HERE (which is honestly the best way to watch it, as you can see all the LIVE comments and live questions we answered as we went along! If you don’t have FB, you can catch it on YouTube as well) If you aren’t into watching our kickass show, here is a basic outline of what we covered for our: Top 5 EASY Meal Prep & Meal Planning Tips Meal Prep Tip #5 – Have other people do the work for you Not everything in meal planning and prep has to be done by yourself in order to be healthy and cheap.  We have found some short cuts that don’t cost us really anything extra and that also shave some time off our weekly prep schedule. Buy PRE cut veggies.  Our grocery store has EVERYTHING pre cut! (even onions!) and to be honest, they run about 0.20 cents more than just buying the full veggie ourselves.  This has been a life saver for us! Bagged foods that aren’t brutal.  Like unsalted nuts!  They are already portioned out for...



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