Your Life.... UPGRADED

Yeah, we get it….

Seriously, we have been there. 


It started with us DREADING Mondays, then making excuses not to workout.  Out of shape, no energy, feeling AWFUL, over eating, alcohol and substance abuse, credit card debt to the sky and the worst part, still making EXCUSES for why our lives were like that.

Broke, depressed, flabby.  Zombified.  Just accepting it as ‘the way life is’


Yep.  Both of us have been exactly in that spot.  

This is not a story about a magic pill, or a lottery win, or something easy that fell from the sky that changed it all!  This is a story of how we were both SICK AND TIRED of being sick and tired and decided enough was enough.  Time to change this once and for all!  Forever. 

This ONE decision to ‘change it all’ has literally transformed our lives.  But like I said before, it was not overnight and it was not handed to us.  We were uncomfortable, we struggled, we fought and we climbed out of our RUT and into our DREAMS.  


With the motivation to make fitness a lifestyle (not a fad), the extra pounds melted off.  With the inspiration to quit jobs we HATED, the stress vanished.  With the tools to succeed financially, all money troubles were replaced with full bank accounts.  We travel when and where we want to, first class.  We eat a plethora of superfoods because they make our bodies amazing superhero instruments.  We make a difference in the lives of others who WANT the same freedom and beauty in their lives.  We live everyday to its potential.  We live unapologetically.  And we LOVE it.  


Now it’s your turn…. but only if you WANT it.  

Our team is expanding all over the UK and North America and we are now accepting applications to join us.  We have created a huge community of like minded people that all help each other achieve the GREATNESS that is already inside of them.  Unlock your potential and see where it may take you! 😉

Beachbody Coach Sign Up UK, Canada and USA

We are now accepting applications to join our team from the UK, Canada and United States!

Fill out the quick form below if you want a ‘Life Upgrade’, this first step is yours to take…


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Our Team

Our team is our family, our pride and our passion.  We currently have over 1000 members across North America and growing every single say.  So who are these people that want to link arms with us?  They are people who want to LIVE BETTER and make a difference in the lives of others.  None of our members could fit into the same description or category, they are all uniquely themselves.  Every age, sex, occupation and background.  It’s not about IF you fit into our team, it’s about when you REALIZE you have a place in it.

Becoming a Beachbody Coach was one of the best things we ever did! Our team is everything to us!

The Perks

So we may toot our horns a little here!  Being a part of our Team comes with a lot of perks.  Some are financial perks, with the ability to earn a substantial income doing what you love.  Others are health perks, by having access to the best fitness programs, workout systems and nutritional help in the world.  But most of all, it’s the TEAM itself.  We mentor our team members with subjects like: confidence building, healthy body image, goal setting, positive mindset changes and relationship advice.  We have contests, give-a-ways, trips, and events.  We inspire our team leading by example.

Become a Beachbody Coach & Sign Up in UK, Canada and USA today!

First class travel hack! When we flew into Bali 6 days ago, it was on a plane I have been dreaming about forever... but is obviously WAY to expensive and out of the budget.
Unless you are a psychopath like me 🙈🙈

I spend more time on Google flights and flyer forums than is healthy, but that’s what I am willing to do to find epic deals! 🙌🥂

So check this out:
I got us both tickets on Qatar Air in the sweet lay-flat pods from Brussels to Doha, Doha to Bali- and then in Feb- Bali to Doha (for a week) and then Doha to NYC....
....For the SAME PRICE as it would be for us to fly economy from Canada to Bali and back.
😍😍😍 right!? How could I NOT?

I added up what those flights came to without using points and the deal I found... and I thought I was going to faint. Normally, booking each one separately would be $28,000. Like what????? That is insanely insanely expensive and I wouldn’t dream of it even if I was a billionaire!
But for the same price as economy, obviously I’m going to jump on that!

What is the point of me telling you all of this?
To let you know that social media isn’t always what it seems! I didn’t pay anywhere near that amount for those plane tickets, nor would I ever! ✌️
If you have the ability to be super flexible with dates and you enjoy hours and hours of hunting for deals, they are out there! 😛

Don’t ever feel discouraged by watching others take your dream trip... start figuring out how you can make it happen for yourself! 💕
(I would have been 102 years old if I waited around to afford that flight! Haha!)
So how was my dream flight!?

EVERYTHING I thought it would be! Omg it was so amazing I don’t know where to start!
Maybe I should write a blog about it??

Have you ever scored a sweet deal on travel before?
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Today is the BIG DAY! 🎉
I am vibrating with excitement and overwhelmed to say the least, because my full length book is finally published and available worldwide! 📘
It’s packed full with 10x’s more tips and new secrets on how to declutter, stop mindlessly spending, save like a boss, crush debt, live with less and TRAVEL the world!

By your request, I even put in special chapters on:
- Downsizing and traveling more for families
- Making minimalism work for you
- How to turn your passion into an actual business
- Earning while traveling the globe
- And a few surprises!

I know deep down in my heart it will make a difference in the lives of anyone who reads it, and that is the best feeling in the world!! 💕😌

I am choosing 3 people who buy my book (paperback or ebook!) in the next 72 hours to have a one-on-one call with me for a private Q&A! You can ask me any questions you want and get my help and advice on your goals.

👇If you want the early bird discount on the book, just COMMENT below and I will send it to you!

THANK YOU 🙏all for inspiring me to write this book and for being such amazing, supportive friends!
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After 17 hours of flying 🛫 We have arrived in Bali and checked into The Haven Suites!
Tip: Make sure to book the pool access rooms so you can wake up and jump right into the pool😀 Definitely worth the upgrade. Stay tuned for our next hotel! It's going to blow your mind and has pool access suites that will make you feel like a celebrity...
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Next to my wedding day, my book launching next week is the most exciting moment of my life...
It was Trevor who (accidentally!) came up with the title for my book that’s being published next week.
I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to classify what the book was about and who I was as the author. It was keeping me up for weeks! 🤔
Then one afternoon, watching me multitask while selling some old clothes online, Trevor said: “You’re SUCH a high maintenance minimalist, you know that right?”
I screamed out: “What!? Say that again!!”
Thinking he was in trouble, he started explaining himself. “Well, it’s true. You are nothing like what most people think of when they picture a minimalist, but it totally works for you.”
Bravo, hubby! Bravo!👏

I never thought 4 little words could showcase what my book is about AND my personality… but they do perfectly.

✨The High Maintenance Minimalist.✨

Because minimalism is not about living in an empty room, with only 2 black t-shirts to your name.
It’s about learning to cut out the excess, the debt, the clutter, and all the negative feelings that come along with it.
The ‘high maintenance’ part is also a huge positive. The word maintenance means - “the process of keeping something in good condition”. Don’t our minds, finances, and relationships deserve to be kept in good condition? 😘

That is what I have poured into this book: A step by step guide for you to downsize, declutter, grab control of your finances and create the freedom to travel more.

I still admit- I’m not your average minimalist.
I have a vibrant passion for life and experiences that can’t be kept in a box. I desperately want to help others find that same passion in life and learn to be less reliant on ‘things’.
I want you to live life to the fullest, and not accumulate debt and crap in order to do it.

🙏Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me (even though I have been SO quiet!) as I have been pouring my days and nights into making this the best it can be.
This process has inspired me to be more present than ever, as it’s the only way to make a difference in the world.✌️

I’m excited, I’m nervous, I’m dizzy with emotions, I’m so grateful for all of you! 💕
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